Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some Random Thoughts

Before I write anything else, let me remind everyone that tonight is the last Jericho. Not the end of the season, but the end of the show. That's it. No more Jericho. The end.

I have spent a week out of town with my husband, and now I'm going to spend a few days at home by myself. And I have decided that I'm going to enjoy this time by myself. I usually don't deal with it very well. I don't like sleeping alone and such. Mainly, this is because I don't get enough sleep. I wake up in the middle of the night, realize that I am alone, hear some stupid little noise and panic over nothing.

I am determined that will not be the case this time. There are good things about having the house to myself. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I can watch TV or listen to the radio or get up and eat ice cream. I can do anything I want. There's no one else here to disturb. I don't have to be quiet.

And with that knowledge, and one little sleeping pill, I got a full night's sleep. I don't remember the last time that happened. I fell asleep a bit after ten and slept til nearly six. And then I actually got out of bed and had a bath and turned on the lights and everything. And I watched the episode of Medium that I taped last night. I never get to do that. I wake up early and wait til five or six and then I come in here and blog until he wakes up which usually isn't til seven or eight. Cause blogging is the only thing that I can do without waking him up. Sometimes I think that I would have mostly given up blogging a year ago except for the fact that I needed something to do in the mornings that didn't make noise.

A full night's sleep. Unbelievable. And that was after an almost three hour afternoon nap too.

I was thinking about when I was a kid and we had these big Easter egg hunts. Someone took thousands of eggs and hid them in the park while we were in church. That must have taken an hour or two. And then we would spend time in the park finding the eggs, and then we would go to lunch. Some of the eggs were those candy eggs that were partially made of wax. Some of the eggs were actual hard-boiled eggs. Hardly any of the eggs were anything cool like chocolate or a plastic egg with something inside it. Just almost rock hard candy eggs and real hard-boiled eggs. So the eggs must have been out of the fridge for like three hours or so before we got them home. And then we usually didn't have the sense to put them in the fridge then either. And we usually ate a couple of these eggs. And then usually by the end of the day one of our parents would take the eggs away from us and say that if we wanted to eat anymore eggs we should eat the ones that we'd made ourselves that were in the refrigerator.

I just can't think that anyone would do that now. Obviously, eggs that aren't refrigerated go bad and shouldn't be eaten. But it seems like we ate some that had been out for several hours, and I don't remember anyone ever dying from it.

I read a few blogs, not because I care about the writers, but just because I've been drawn into the whole soap opera. My favorite one has ended. After two or three years of writing about her life and wondering why she can't seem to find that one special guy while she's having threesomes and such, she decided that writing the blog wasn't the thing for her anymore. Now, a lot of us say that, and then we change our minds after a few weeks. So I suggested that she leave the blog alone for a bit, and not delete it, and maybe after she'd had a rest she might change her mind. And, if she was mostly worried about the blog being so public, she could make the blog private and keep writing. So, after about a month, that is what she decided to do, make the blog private. And, not being one of the few people given the password, I was not able to read the blog for a month or two, but once or twice a week I would type in the address to see if the blog was public again. This morning I typed in the address, and the blog has been deleted. Oh, well. I hope that she made a hard-copy for herself first.

I had some computer access during the week I was away, but I spent most of my computer time writing my own blogs posts and checking my email for news of my dying friend. Now that I'm home I'll try to catch up on reading other people's blogs.

I used to read more blogs regularly than I do now. Something in my life changed, or something in the other blogger's life changed. There's one that I hardly read at all now, but to be fair, with the different things going on in her life, she rarely posts anything now. But she does stop by once in a while, and about a week ago on her own blog she posted some pictures of her recent weight-loss. And it looks great. And she got a haircut, and that looks great too. Unfortunately, my own weight-loss of fifteen pounds from two years ago is no more. I'm back at my pre-tragedy weight. It stayed off for like a year and a half, despite everyone telling me that the weight would come right back on. But it is finally back. I need to go eat some broccoli. And I think this week I'll get my hair trimmed. But I won't look as good as my fellow blogger, even though she probably still weighs a little bit more than I do.

I brought home a bunch of clay to recycle about a week and a half ago, so I would have some clay ready to use when I got back from spring break. But, of course, I didn't do anything about that when I should have. I didn't even look at the stuff until the day before yesterday. So yesterday I decided to push most of it through a kitchen strainer, and now I have these little cuts on the tips of two fingers. And I cannot find the antibiotic ointment, so I shall have to go and buy more. That's just one of those things that I can never find when I need it. Someday, if I ever move away from this house, I am going to find several dozen tubes mostly full tubes of antibiotic ointment. And then I'll find all those other little things that hide from me like safety pins and emery boards and socks.

Today in school, at least three of us were rather aimlessly wandering around the lab, trying to remember what it was that we were supposed to do. Having a lot of time off just messes things up for me. I vaguely remember what I was doing before I left, but I can't seem to just pick up where I left off. I'm supposed to glaze the tall vase, but I'm still waiting for a test piece to be fired first. I'm supposed to glaze the other vase, but that one requires using a spray gun, and I knew that I'd feel bad afterwards and decided to put that off til later. I should work on either the Martian cricket or the Triffid, but right now I just can't seem to think how to get back to doing whatever it was that I'd been about to do before I left. I don't want to do anything with the Alien face hugger until Friday, because I think it's best to work on it for several hours in one day, and Friday is the only day that the lab is available for that length of time. That pretty much left the Sleestaks, which are technically not school assignments and I'm only supposed to work on them after I'm finished with school work. And then I remembered that I'd left the plaster molds to dry, and that they should be ready to start making bowls and plates for my series of Halloween dishes. So I poured slip into those and worked on a Sleestak while I was waiting for the slip to set up in the molds. So I've mostly finished one Sleestak now. In a day or two it will be ready to be set out to dry, and I'll at least be able to get something off of my shelf. The plates and bowls are going to take longer than I expected. The plate mold works very well, except that the clay is too soft right out of the plaster and the plate didn't hold it's shape. I put the clay back into the mold and will let it set overnight. The bowl will just have to wait.


dmarks said...

You won't find the socks again. Or if they come back, they will be transformed into wire coat hangers.

laughingattheslut said...

I think that some of my socks have gone into the witness protection program. In particular, half of the special occasion socks are gone. So I have one sock with a pumpkin on it and one missing, and I have one Christmas cartoon sock and one missing, and I have one solid red sock and one missing, etc....

I am sure that I have black socks that have left their mates, but I don't notice that they are missing because I have so many black socks.

The black socks do occasionally go on strike for a while, and then I can't find any socks.

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Buster hides socks, he steals them from the clothes airer and likes pure wool best.

I hate moving house & have sworn never to do it again.

laughingattheslut said...

I moved when I was eleven, and I couldn't wait to leave that place.

I moved again when I was seventeen, and I wasn't so crazy about it that time.

I moved when I got married, to a house that I didn't like so much, but other than that I thought it was the beginning of a great adventure.

About ten years later we moved. We didn't plan it, and while it turned out to be a good thing later I really hated it at the time.

We moved into this house almost four years ago because the apartment I loved so much was making my husband crazy. He announces that we have a new place about a week before finals, after I've just said that I don't want to move until after Christmas. I really hated that move. Okay, but this is the last time we're moving unless we win the lottery or something, so you'd better be sure about this.

Okay, I'd better stop now.

Mark J Daniels said...

I was really sorry to hear that Jericho is ending. I thought it had been a superb series and I was desperately looking forward to series 2.

I suspect, though, that because the series is being pulled completely, series 2 won't even get shown here in the UK.