Friday, March 07, 2008

Freaky Friday

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

kill (6x) hell (4x) penis (3x) dick (2x) pain (1x)

Okay. That's more like it. It usually bounces back and forth from R to NC-17, with the occasional PG-13 or even PG, but last time it said G. G? Huh? But I guess everything is mostly back to normal.

I think that I have a few new readers, so perhaps I should explain. Welcome new readers. Okay, on Fridays (or at least on posts that start on Fridays but sometimes actually get posted on Saturdays or Sundays) I take a look at the tracker and write about the Google searches and such. Only I found that doing a good job of it took more time than I wanted to spend on it, so now it isn't every Friday. Maybe every other Friday. Or maybe less. If you want to, you can leave a comment about some of my Google searches, and you can even leave a comment here about an interesting Google search that leads to your blog. It's just a bit of fun.

There are a lot of searches that have been popular here for a long time. A relatively mild one is for sodas and diet drinks. I did a post on diet drinks, so that makes sense. REGULAR FRESCA compare "diet coke" "diet pepsi" diet dr. pepper REGULAR FRESCA i love drinking diet lemonade soda dont care what the say TRUTH ABOUT GINGER ALE compare coke products sugar with other sodas vernors, caffeine truth about sugar in pepsi caffeine Vernors benefits of drinking sugar cane juice 64 ounces of dr. pepper diet soda truths and drink 64 ounces of diet coke are all searches that lead people to that post. I hope that they enjoyed what I wrote.

Then there are other popular searches for penile moulds costume de penis giant dick penis mold and mould of penis. Now, you may wonder why these searches would lead to my blog. Originally, these people came here because I wrote some posts about working at a Halloween costume store, and one of the posts was about the Tricky Dick giant penis costume. That job was more than a year ago, so I've been getting these searches for a while, though there are a lot more of them around October and November. I'd just like to say a bit about the search penis mold samples. That's just not right. You don't sample different ones. The whole purpose of getting a penis mold instead of a less specialized product is that it is supposed to remind you of that special someone in your life. You don't need a sample of different ones. That's just wrong.

Searches for how many mega million tickets were bought does three numbers on the same line win me any money in Mega Millions if I don't have the Mega Ball? if i only have 3 numbers from the mega million do i still win something if you buy five hundred dollars worth of scratch off you can win one million dollar texas lottery instead of income tax do gasstations make money selling powerball tickets people spend money for buying lottery tickets and truth about state lotteries lead people here after I recently wrote a couple of posts, mostly about my own bad habits concerning buying lottery tickets. Many of these people could have had there questions answered by just going to the Texas Lottery website.

After a couple of recent posts about my now bad spending habits that I've picked up after being married how poor people can save money people spend money on alcohol and cigarettes, but not health care what do poor people spend their money on school shoud be spent money where do rich people spend money how the poor spend their money why people dont have any money do most people save or spend money people spend more money on fast food than on health care poor people need support not money how much do people spend in gas money going to driving school and how rich people spend their money The search what people spend their day thinking about also seems to send people to the same post, but I can't really tell. By the time I get around to checking an interesting link, sometimes it doesn't seem to work anymore. It leads to a page of Google searches that my blog doesn't appear to be on. Maybe there have been so many other posts on the subject that I've lost my place in line. houses in the past now sounds like it should go with this post too, but it turns out that it goes to a post about a haunted house.

Now, there are searches that really don't apply to any of my posts, but there's a keyword from one post and then another keyword from a different post, so they still end up at my blog. freaky sluts insidious alcohol jasons deli sluts wet "fur coat" in hot tub pics freaky friday book CEL again for freaky sluts fat freaky sluts sluts buckets and again once more for freaky sluts were all searches that lead people to my blog these past two weeks. Also, here's a search for halloween costumes involving popcorn, but I'm just not sure how the two are related. Now this search JUMP START DIET DRINK did end up at a post that said jump start your diet, but it was supposed to be a joke. I was warning people that they might not want to see the Sweeney Todd movie. insidious in spanish is not really what I said either, but I am starting to feel that way. And I don't think that I actually said that my in-laws are morons Well, some of them are. One of them dropped out of school in fifth grade, but he was given a license to carry a gun before he could drive a car. But the post was actually about my husband and him acting like a moron around Christmas time.

Someone Googled getting laid India, which lead to my first Freaky Friday post and I said that someone in the Philippines was reading my blog, but the only person I knew there was a vacationing blogger who was probably not reading other people's blogs but getting drunk and maybe trying to get laid.

I did a post titled Almost everyone is going to hell. Not that it was supposed to be a joke or anything, but I hope that people searching for christians think everyone is going to hell and I am a christian going to hell found better things to read on the subject. Also there was a search for why did Jesus tell everyone to keep quiet if it wasn't going to make a difference? I'm afraid I don't understand the question so I can't be of much help there.

I get some food related searches, mostly for Rudy's BBQ. I really wish that I knew how many calories is half pound of rudy's turkey , but I don't. And after writing a couple of posts about my attempts at dieting, I've apparently become the expert on popcorn and have searches such as what to eat at the movies diet come eat popocorn and movie why do people like to eat popcorn when they watch movies why eat popcorn at movies and popcorn diet. I'm afraid the search marie callendar pie sale annual october march came too late, as I believe the dates for the sale (at least at the Oklahoma locations I have been to) are in October and February, so you just missed it. Other food searches include are abuello's chips and salsa good Olenjacks restaurant McSkillets and central market purple potatoes

Some art related searches include sea turtle tile moody gardens tiles how much should i charge for my canvas art wax accidentally dropped on bisqued piece and ceramic black wax resist recipe, but I probably wasn't much help.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy related searches include Altrusian ganactic OR ganectic come in neville (probably supposed to be "come out Neville") and grandfather theory, along with seventeen searches involving Sarah Connors or The Terminator, and ten searches involving the movie Cloverfield. Unfortunately, these people don't leave comments so I don't know if they liked what they read.

I've written about stuff to do Joplin After-Christmas And Clearance Sales where to buy and five gallon bucket usages , though I'm not the expert on any of those subjects. And the search nice car attract women lead to a post I did about this dumb idea that got stuck in my brother's head.

I have no idea what someday I'd like to forget you, someday i'd like to regret is about. Maybe song lyrics?

The people searching for problems with links are we really getting $600 dollars and again problems with links probably felt totally mislead when they came to my blog. I wrote a post about buying $600 refrigerator, which apparently makes me an expert on that as well, but I think that search was supposed to be about the tax rebate, which I know nothing about. And I have a post titled problems with links, but it is something under the label of Bimbo Bashing.

Speaking of Bimbo Bashing, someone found my 300th post after searching for homewrecking I probably won't hear from that reader again, but I'm glad that she stopped by.

Okay, here's this week's count:




People going to hell--2



Diet Drinks--11




Bath & Body Works--4

Terminator/Sarah Connor--17



And the top twelve keywords are now: rudys, cloverfield, bbq, costume, penis, marlene, the, going, calories, dick, diet, hell


Mark J Daniels said...

My blog-rating did get up to a heady PG-13 but at the moment it's apparently rated as G. I guess I'll have to stuff a few gratuitous swear words in there to get it back up again.

Where do I find the Tracker, though? That could be quite interesting...!

(Or am I just being dumb?)

laughingattheslut said...

The one that I have is extreme tracker, found by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page and clicking on the icon that sort of looks like saturn. My husband found this one and installed it for me. My husband seems to have every tracking program out there, but some of them don't seem to do anything interesting; they just seem to make a lot of pie charts and such. This one says stuff like what the person Googled and where that person is surfing the web and such.