Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The end of the two weeks

Okay, so yesterday was the last day of the two weeks I had originally planned to do the dollar a day thing. I didn't quite make it because I went over a little bit on Saturday because of someone's birthday party and on the Sunday before because of the annual meeting. But it still averages out to a dollar a day, which I suppose is the important thing.

Yesterday I ate:
.20 yogurt
.17 mac and cheese with free turkey
.18 black bean soup
.05 popcorn
.10 cup of cola
.29 chili dog
.99 daily total for Monday

.96 Tuesday Jan 20
.85 Wednesday Jan 21
.93 Thursday Jan 22
.71 Friday Jan 23
.95 Saturday Jan 24
1.05 Sunday Jan 25
1.00 Monday Jan 26
.65 Tuesday Jan 27
.85 Wednesday Jan 28
.90 Thursday Jan 29
.65 Friday
1.60 Saturday Jan 31
.78 Sunday Feb 1
.99 Monday Feb 2
12.87 two week total

.92 daily average

So that's not bad. I wish that I had not gone off those two days, but I didn't wish it enough to skip either the meeting or the party. So I was thinking of doing it for another two weeks, but I realize now I would have to skip other things to do that, and I don't want to skip them either.

Like today I plan to go to Denny's for the free Grand Slam. I think that the "free" breakfast is going to cost the two of us about seven dollars with the drinks and the tip, but that's not too bad. And we haven't been out since two or three weeks ago when we went to Arby's. And with the money situation the way it is, I don't see us going out in the near future either. So we are going to go, if it isn't just way too crowded, and if it is we will try to get a rain check.

Still, I'm not quite finished with the dollar a day thing. For one thing, I have to see if I wasted any food and subtract that from the total. Like I think that I made way too many bean sprouts and will have to throw them away, and I think that I bought too many tomatoes. So I will have to clean out the frig later before I figure in that stuff.

But I think that I've learned some useful stuff. Like if a person can get by with only a dollar a day then most of the time I should be happy with something like a dollar fifty or two dollars a day. Or maybe two dollars a day except for an extra ten dollars on the weekends. Something like that. And I've learned that broccoli for a dollar a pound is a better deal by volume than asparagus at two dollars a pound, which seemed obvious, but that dollar a pound broccoli is still a better deal by volume than tomatoes at two or three pounds for a dollar, which did not seem obvious at all. Maybe if I cut up the produce and measure it right after I buy it will help me figure out that sort of thing, and maybe I'll stop buying too much and throw away less spoiled stuff.

Anyway, I will come back and write more about this later. Right now I have to get ready to go to Denny's.

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dmarks said...

I sure have a craving for a Grand Slam now. It's my fault, of course, with that blog posting of mine.