Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Internet was broke

At least, that is the way it seemed to me this morning.

I try to stay in bed until at least five thirty or so, even if I've already been awake for two hours or so. And then when I do get up at five thirty or six or so, I still try to be quiet for two or three hours. So I come in here and do stuff on the computer. And I try to do stuff that doesn't require sound, so I'm probably not using YouTube or Hulu that early in the morning.

I'm just trying to be considerate and not wake up my husband.

Not that my husband appreciates this. Often he does something to the computer during the night, and he doesn't set it up so that all will be well by six in the morning. So that is annoying to say the least. I'm trying to be quiet, and he screws up the thing that I do in the morning to try to be quiet.

So this morning I come in here to turn on the computer and find that not only has it been left on but Explorer is already up and on Google. Great. Not that it takes a long time to turn on the computer and get to Explorer and Google, but today I didn't have to wait even those first few minutes.

Or so I thought. Nothing seemed to work right. I kept getting messages that the address was invalid or the page could not be displayed. I knew I had the right address. Same address as yesterday.

So I finally get a few things to work, but I can't seem to really do anything. I can't use any links that require a password. So I can't log on to Blogger and I can't check my email and so on.

Well, sometimes Explorer just seems a little bit weird, and I switch to FireFox, which is usually slower but sometimes has less problems.

Nope. Same thing. Can't log on to anything. Can't check email. I get weird messages. Pictures are missing. YouTube says that all of the videos are no longer available.

The Internet must be broken.

Okay, it seems very unlikely that the Internet is broken. It must be something with the computer itself. And it must be my husband's fault.

But usually it is very clear when he has done something to the computer, and there's usually an indication of what has been done and how much longer it is going to be a problem and so forth. But there was nothing like that.

I was about ready to wake up my husband by pretending to strangle him.

Anyway, I shut down the computer for a minute or two and started it back up, and now it seems to be fine. I'm sure I've ruined something my husband wanted done, but by now he knows to have whatever it is finished before six, unless it is something really important, and then he at least needs to leave me a note.

I'm hungry. I rarely eat this early, and I've already had the leftover's from yesterday's free Denny's breakfast. I could just go and eat all kinds of other stuff, like maybe blueberry pop tarts. But I probably won't do that. I'll probably just have my yogurt and wait for lunch.

I haven't done anything useful since Saturday. Okay, maybe that isn't entirely correct. I've done a few errands and such, but that is about it. I can't seem to get anything done except when I have the place to myself, and sometimes not even then. I can't seem to focus on work when he is here, even if he is not in the same room and is either on the computer or reading or watching TV. It shouldn't be a problem, but somehow I just don't get anything done.

I've become my mother.

When he isn't here, I think about what I want to get done that day, which just seems like something I'll never get done. But I break it up into stuff that I just do for a little while here and there, and in between doing that I blog for a bit or I watch TV or I watch stuff on YouTube and Hulu. So it is like watch something for ten minutes and then get up and wash some dishes, go back to the computer for ten minutes and then get up and wash some more dishes and then ten minutes at the computer followed by washing some clothes and then watch something on TV while I eat lunch and then take the clothes to the dryer, etc....

But I don't do that when he is here, cause he's probably on the computer all day, except when we eat lunch or have to go to the library and run errands. So maybe try to do something similar by watching a DVD and stopping it every ten or fifteen minutes to go and wash dishes or sort the laundry or take out the trash or whatever.

So he's here, and I'm getting nothing done. And we go to the library, and I check out some DVDs of Enterprise. Not my favorite show, but I don't have the episodes all memorized like I have done with other shows, so maybe it's time to watch the show again.

And it isn't my husband's favorite show either. But after I get the DVDs, he decides to watch some of them with me. Well, that wasn't the idea for getting the DVDs, but I'm not going to be rude and send him to the other room if he's trying to be nice and wants to watch TV with me. But now I'm not stopping every ten minutes to do some work, I'm just watching TV all day.

Yesterday we went to get the free Grand Slam at Denny's. We got done with that at about ten or so, then picked up a few things and went home. And then we watched stuff we had taped the night before like The Big Bang Theory and House. And then we watched some DVDs. And then he didn't want to watch anymore, but by that time I had already wasted most of the day and didn't bother trying to do much work.

Then I suddenly didn't feel so good. It was around four. Then I realized that we hadn't eaten anything since we left Denny's, and I had only eaten the pancakes. So then we had chili cheese dogs. A bit after that I had yogurt, some peanut butter and some leftover Christmas candy. Then I didn't feel like eating anything else. At least, I wasn't hungry enough to get up and do anything about it.

So I spent four fifty on my free Denny's Grand Slam, and I spent less than seventy cents for the rest of the day.

Okay, so I'm weird.

He's awake now, so I think I'll go watch Enterprise.

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dmarks said...

Ever try audio books at home? That might give you some options for doing stuff while listening to audio and not having to be near the TV or computer.

"Enterprise" wasn't our favorite show either. We never could get into the those aliens with blue basketball skin (Suliban?) and the whole Xindi (sloth species, bug species, etc) and the show seriously jumped the shark when the Space Nazi appeared. However, after that, I think the show finally found its footing. Season 4 showed a lot of promise. It's too bad that it was cut short before Season 5 was able to deliver on it. And I thought the Andorians were usually pretty good, actually.