Sunday, February 01, 2009

A bit of fun at a party

Friday I had the place to myself, and as usually happens on the first day that I have the place to myself, I didn't get much done. Saturday was better, but I didn't do a whole lot then either as I didn't want to get too tired before the party. I finally decided on what to wear and what to bring and all of that, and spent a lot of the last two days watching reruns of The Outer Limits (nineties version).

I spent about a dollar on tomatoes and jalapenos and made yogurt cheese to go with them. My first thought was to get regular jalapenos to blend into the cheese, but then I decided that people don't like to eat green food when they can't tell what it is, so I bought one red jalapeno. But after tasting the cheese that wasn't hot enough, so after putting the cheese onto the tomato halves, I topped them with slices of regular green jalapenos. I washed out the cookie tray from last week so that I didn't have to worry about taking any dishes that might get lost if I wanted to leave early.

I need not have worried about that, as the party ended around eleven rather than one or two like I had expected. Maybe we are not allowed to use the building after midnight. I don't know. Anyway, I guess that the tomatoes were okay, as at the end of the evening I had put the covered tray and the four remaining tomatoes in the trash, only to see later that someone else had fished them out.

What can I say. Except for our host and hostess, I was the best dressed of the people who stayed in theme, though some other people showed up in nice pirate costumes. We were supposed to wear black and such, and I had black flowers and a black wedding veil from a Halloween party several years ago. Almost everyone else was in something black, and a vampire and three grim reapers showed up.

The wife of the birthday boy bought him a ring, and there were jokes about whether or not the ring was meant to be worn on his finger. Someone who has only been with us a bit over a year didn't get the joke, and actually said so out loud.

Sometimes it takes newbies a while to figure out they should keep quiet about such things. She will learn.

This morning I have a bit of a hangover, which is odd since I do not drink alcohol and I was in bed by about twelve. Last night was fun, but nothing really extreme, except maybe for the uncomfortable walk back to my car in heels. But this morning I felt really out of it and could have used a Coke, but of course on the one day that I wanted one enough to break with what I've been doing with the dollar a day thing, I forgot to get one and put it in the frig.

Friday I ate:
.20 yogurt
.05 popcorn
.05 half cup of cola
.18 black bean soup
.17 mac and cheese with free turkey
free cookie
.65 daily total for Friday

Saturday I ate:
.20 yogurt
.18 black bean soup
.17 mac and cheese with free turkey
free cookie
1.05 spent on tomatoes and peppers and such for party
free cake and soda and such at party
1.60 daily total for Saturday

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, and while I have no plans I really have no idea what I might end up doing.

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dmarks said...

"This morning I have a bit of a hangover, which is odd since I do not drink alcohol"

That is kind of weird. One of the major drawbacks of alcohol consumption, without the supposed pleasure of having drank it.