Monday, February 23, 2009

Not really a moron either, but....

Okay, so some of you who were reading a couple of months ago read this about me getting annoyed with my friend who has allergies. I think from now on I'll just go ahead and call her Miss Allergies, and you'll all know who I'm referring to. Anyway, Miss Allergies was a no show Saturday, and I don't think that I've seen her since the other Saturday night that I blogged about getting annoyed with her.

So at this point I haven't seen Miss Allergies in about two months, because I have given up going to the bookstore for a while and missed that at the beginning of the month, and she doesn't ever go with us to Sunday dinners, so she has missed both of those while I only missed one due to lack of money, and the last regular meeting she missed because her mom was in the hospital. Missing stuff because your mom is in the hospital is something we totally understand. But her other reasons for missing stuff get annoying.

So we were waiting for her Saturday afternoon, and someone was saving her a seat. And she always seems to be late for some reason, but at some point we noticed that she was really late and maybe wasn't coming. So one of my other friends calls her, and she said that she wasn't coming just cause she didn't think that what we had planned for the day would be any fun. So she just decided not to go.

Not that she had to be somewhere else or that the meeting was a conflict with something else that she had to do, just that she didn't think it was going to be much fun watching other people have fun.

So that is really lame. Of course it is fun to watch other people having fun.

Her problem was that half of the meeting was a chocolate auction, and that chocolate is one of her allergies, so she wouldn't be either bringing chocolate or eating chocolate or bidding on chocolate or having anything to do with the chocolate. But since she didn't want to be around for that, she missed the other half of the meeting which had nothing to do with chocolate.

And you would think that she would want to be there just to see us. Isn't seeing your friends the main point of the thing, not the schedule for the particular meeting?

Next month we have an art competition scheduled. So what if everyone had her attitude and all the non-artists stayed home?

So she missed a lot. For one thing, she missed seeing us. For another thing, she missed seeing the chocolate, and some of it was impressive. Someone made a very impressive character cake, and you can appreciate looking at something like that even if you can never eat it. And then she missed a friend's rather loud reaction to seeing another friend's mustache for the first time. And then she missed some other stuff, like a discussion about an upcoming convention. And she missed seeing someone she used to be friends with who hadn't been there in ten years. And she missed going out to dinner with some of us after the meeting.

So the chocolate auction actually was a bit of fun, even if you didn't buy anything. I don't really cook that much, and I've decided that attempting chocolate really isn't my thing. But I can buy on sale chocolate with the best of them, so I took about $5 worth of the $20 of chocolate that I probably shouldn't have bought and put it into jars and candle holders and vases that I've decided I don't need anymore and put that stuff in the auction. My stuff went for about $36, and the entire amount for the whole club was a bit under $200. So I don't feel quite so bad about the $20 of chocolate anymore. (Though I still have almost $15 worth of chocolate that I probably shouldn't eat.)

So the meeting ended, and some of us talked our friend from ten years ago into going to dinner with us. Normally, we do not discuss where we are going, because Miss Allergies had already decided where she could go, and we usually go there from then on, or at least until the place goes out of business. So for about six months we have been going to Outback Steakhouse, where Miss Allergies special orders the chicken, because we can't go anywhere new without first finding out if the place will allow people to special order the chicken.

Since Miss Allergies wasn't there, we decided to go somewhere else, someplace that we can't go to when Miss Allergies is with us. And we all got a bit silly, almost doing a dance, that we get to go wherever we want and eat whatever we want. The eating habits of Miss Allergies has become the most joked about thing whenever she isn't around. Like she can't have lemons in her water, and if the water comes with a lemon she sends it back, and when she's with us we don't get lemons either, in case they might make a mistake and bring her lemons too. And we can never go to someplace that uses a lot of spices, like a Mexican restaurant. So we decided to go to a Mexican restaurant, and I was lucky that the particular restaurant was one that was on the gift card that I've been carrying around for more than a year now, so I got to eat more than just the soup without spending any money.


Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Sounds like a nice evening.

dmarks said...

My wife hates chocolate, but is not in any way allergic to it. You mentioned a character cake. I don't suppose anyone has ever made a Troi cake, have they? That seems kind of obvious for a Star Trek cake.