Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where the hell are you?

Okay, so I follow various blogs. Some of these people I really care about, others are maybe not really friends but I find their posts interesting, and still others I just lurk around so that I can make fun of them later. Probably most are in the second group.

People stop blogging sometimes. Sometimes it is for a long time or even a permanent thing. Usually it is just that they got busy with other things or just didn't have anything to say for a bit. Sometimes they are nice and warn the rest of us that they won't be around for a while and that we shouldn't worry.

So there have been people in the first and second groups that haven't blogged in a while, and that kind of sucks, especially when they don't warn us that they are going on vacation and we start to worry.

Some of them have come back recently. Good for them.

One in the second group did just the opposite. Friday's post said very little, except that Saturday's post would really be a big deal, and we should not miss it for any reason.

Saturday came, and there was no post. Sunday, again, no post. And last time I checked on Monday, there was still no post.

I start to suspect that whatever they were going to post about on Saturday had gotten them into a bit of trouble, and that explained their absence. Well, they are both grownups, and they had been warned. These things happen.

It also occurred to me that since they live up north that they might have been in some terrible car accident or fell on the ice or some such thing. Living up north has never made much sense to me, but people continue to do it.

And then of course there are all sorts of unpleasant things that might happen to a people even if they do not have little projects that might get them into trouble and have little or nothing to do with living up north. People get the flu and food poisoning and have power outages and such. Sometimes bad things happen and people just can't post anything.

Yesterday was one of those Monday holidays that I can never remember. It caused us a bit of trouble yesterday, as my husband had planned to spend his day off doing some business downtown, and of course on the day he decides to do this all the government buildings were closed. Unfortunately, he has two extra days off this week, so he'll just do that stuff either today or tomorrow.

Since it was one of those holidays that I can never remember, I couldn't email a certain friend of mine who does not have her own computer and can't email except Monday thru Friday from nine to five. So that got me thinking that maybe the bloggers in question had something go wrong with their home computer, and maybe they also had Monday off and couldn't get to a computer until Tuesday morning, and then all would be explained.

But, no. After I stopped checking on Monday, they posted twice, and neither post was the thing that we were not to miss on Saturday. And neither post was an explanation of their absence. They just went on about this and that as though nothing unusual had happened.

On a totally different subject, some friends and I received an email from someone we have never met, who likes the same stuff and wants to join a club or something. After being told where the club meets and such, she had something come up and couldn't make the meeting, and then she missed it again the next month too. And then Saturday she sends out an email that she's so upset that she's thinking of killing herself, and so we shouldn't expect to see her at the next meeting either. She got various responses, including admissions from club members that they had also thought about or even attempted suicide and that she should get some help and help is out there, etc....

Last night she sent out another email saying that she didn't go through with it and that she didn't see the point of "getting help" if it meant paying someone to ask about your personal crap. And then she said something like she'd gone out and bought herself a nice t-shirt and some DVDs.

I think buying t-shirts and DVDs is usually a better idea than killing yourself.

Everyone else who got the email has now decided that this person is a total fake and we shouldn't have anything to do with her. If she really had a problem she would go and get help instead of going shopping.

I don't know. I don't think that not wanting to talk to a shrink is proof positive that you're a fake. It wasn't like the email was an actual suicide note. People vent. Personally, I would not vent like that to a bunch of people before I meet them, but I suppose other people have different ideas of what is appropriate. I just thought that I should stay out of it cause I don't know her.

I don't care to "get help" by paying someone to ask me personal stuff either. Probably after talking about a lot of stuff that upsets me, I would just be more upset, and I would be told something like I would probably feel better if I got a job.



Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Oh I am a firm beleiver in people getting help when they have mental health issues such as beiing suicidal. Talking it out and getting a different perspective on things always helps.

Professionals have a way of shedding light on areas that need it when we can't ourselves.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Oh I am a firm beleiver in people getting help when they have mental health issues such as beiing suicidal. Talking it out and getting a different perspective on things always helps.

Professionals have a way of shedding light on areas that need it when we can't ourselves.

bulletholes said...

Most of the posts that I announce as being on the way never really get done, and if they do are not worth a darn.

laughingattheslut said...

Well, the bloggers who were missing over the weekend and then posted twice Monday night haven't posted anything since then, so it feels like they are missing again. They didn't post my comment asking what happened, and no other comments have been posted since before Friday.

As for the suicidal sci fi fan, I have kept out of it, but the others exchanged more emails with her and seem really upset about it. I never thought it deserved all the attention in the first place. She did not actually threaten to kill herself, she just said that she was having one of those weeks when she felt like it. I think all that I would have done was just written something like I hope you're not serious about that before I got into all this other stuff. I just thought that she must be a teenager or someone in her early twenties, and they say really dramatic stuff that they rarely mean, like they'll die if they don't go to the prom and they're going to kill the ex or the little brother and so forth. You just have to know the person to judge if it is a serious threat, and we don't know this person. She's venting. Doesn't necessarily mean she's a bad person, just maybe a stupid immature or inconsiderate person. So now there's all these emails about her not being able to put stuff on the listserve and that we're not going to play her game etc.... She's upset and says how we just don't want her around and she won't post anymore etc....

I didn't think she needed all the offers of support the first time around, but I don't think it warrants all the negative emails either. And I think there has been more negative emails now than there was first emails trying to get her some help.