Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I regret that I have but one life to give for

Well, I didn't blog yesterday because I was too busy trying to get myself killed.

I didn't work enough hours to make any money yesterday, and I didn't get home in time to do any housework. But I wanted to get something done. So I decided that the best thing to do was to take some stuff to a friend's house to get ready for this weekend's garage sale. I just thought I'd feel better if I could cross something off of the list.

So I load the car and I'm on my way. Then I remember that I have no idea how to get there except on the freeway. And it's 6pm. Not the best time to get on the freeway.

If you've never driven on a freeway at 6pm, this is how it works:

You try to get on the freeway, and the other cars try to run you over. Then, once you're on the freeway, you try to figure out which lane you're supposed to be in, and the other cars try to run you over. Then, when you see a green sign that says your exit is coming up in a mile or so, you try to get over into the lane that allows you to take that exit so you can get off of the freeway, while the other cans try to run you over.

Oh, and this was at 6pm, and I was going west, so the sun is just in the right spot so that I can't read the green signs, and sometimes I can't see the other cars. I should have sunglasses for such occasions, but as I go the opposite direction on the way home from work, I usually don't need them, and I forgot to put them back in the car.

I'm sure there's a word for doing stuff like that for something as unimportant as a garage sale. Let me think...the word is...incredibly stupid.

No, wait, that's two words. But you get the idea.

But, I recognize a couple of shopping centers as I drive by, and I somehow manage to get off at the right exit and deliver the stuff to the friend's house.

Since I'm in the neighborhood, I might as well run another errand. So I dart into the fabric store to get something for my Halloween costume.

Okay, I like fabric/craft stores, but as far as actually trying to sew something, I really don't do that much. So I usually only have fabric cut maybe two or three times a year. I was just totally shocked when I walked up to the cutting table.

They told me to take a number.

Well, that's never happened before. I guess I had seen the take-a-number thing before, but it either didn't register or else I just thought it was something that had just in case it was a busy Saturday. I've never had to wait behind more than two people before. There were like ten people ahead of me.

But, I really don't want to make that drive again any time soon, so I decide to wait. And what's the hurry now. When I drive home I won't be facing the sun, and it will be okay.

Well, facing the sun was definitely not a problem when I got out of the store. It was pitch black. So again I'm driving on the freeway with less than ideal vision, but there were a lot fewer cars so it was okay.

It will probably rain in a couple of days and the garage sale will be canceled.

And if I don't quit wasting my time typing stuff like this I won't finish the Halloween costume either.

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