Saturday, September 23, 2006

Recomend a website

Well, I had this idea for a website. I know nothing about creating websites or any of that, but I just thought I had a good idea for one. In fact, I thought it was such a good idea that someone else must have thought of it first.

A quick Google search found a place called Homewreckingsluts.

So that might have been fun, but most of it isn't working at the moment. Now some of the really important stuff is still there, like a link that helps you find a divorce lawyer or counseling and stuff like that. But I didn't go there to find a lawyer, I went to read about what other women had done to other home-wrecking sluts. (I guess I just wanted to know if what I was thinking about was totally off the wall, or if maybe someone else had a better suggestion.) Anyway, except for the find a lawyer link, most everything else that you click on takes you to a picture of a spray-painted car and a sign that says they'll be back soon.

So I'm wondering if they really will be back soon, if they were sued or what? I saw on Dr PHIL that a woman is being sued because someone posted on her website about a lawyer being a bad date and possibly a bisexual. So the lawyer is suing, not his ex-girlfriend who may or may not be lying about him, but the woman who runs the website.

Anyway, if you know what happened with the Homewreckingsluts website, or if you know of a similar one, please let me know.

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