Monday, September 25, 2006

Stuck at home

I am stuck at home for most of today because I have to babysit a package.

Normally, if you had a package that needs to be delivered, you would make sure that the appropriate labels were on the package and then take the package to the FedEx or UPS or whatever drop-box and be done with it, and then get on with your day. Except that sometimes you either have to have a package delivered when you are not even in the same town as one of these drop-boxes, or you have a package so big that it doesn't fit in the drop box. If that is the case, you can call an 800 number, and the delivery truck will swing by to pick up the package, and you can just leave it by the door and hope that no one else takes the package before the delivery truck arrives.

But today a particularly expensive package was left in my care, so I've just been sitting here waiting for the truck to show up.

Not that I have anywhere I just have to be at the moment, but this just isn't the way I like to organize my day. The job first ( on the days I am scheduled, not today) and away from the house errands second and everything else after that. Doing everything else after that first doesn't feel right, and I tend to waste a lot of time on the computer and such.

So I'm just sitting here.

Last night I had a very strange dream that I was being sexually harassed at work. I have never been sexually harassed at work. Sexually harassed in high school a bit, but never at work. And this wasn't the mean comment kind of harassment, this was the someone else's hand down your pants kind of harassment. It was like this manager asked me to get something out of the back room, and I notice that there are other people but I can't seem to figure out why they're there or what they're doing, and then I see what's going on and try to leave only to find the manager has followed me in and is putting his hands where they don't belong.

I do not work for this man in my dream, and he did not remind me of anyone I have ever worked for. At the job I have right now, most of the managers are women. The store owner and a couple of district managers are men, but I hardly ever even see them, much less work with them. So this was just a really odd dream that just didn't seem to relate to me at all.

I sometimes wonder if I'm occasionally getting a glimpse of someone else's life in a dream. I wonder if there is somebody out there with the same job as mine who is being attacked in the back room? It's not like I can do anything about it, but it creeps me out a bit.

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