Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Morons: The end of North Hills Mall

Well, this morning I read something odd. Someone wrote a message to me on another blog. Just pretty much addressed the whole post to me.
Being that it is Monday, this would be the perfect time to answer the post here. But, I really don't have the time. I've got a lot to do today, and I'd already planned what I would post here. Maybe I'll answer later in the week. Maybe I'll save it for next Monday.
Of course now that I know that this person is reading my blog, I guess that there's no hurry. I can answer anytime I want.
But, like I said, I've got a busy day today, and cannot spare the time. I've written several long blogs these past few days, and I need a break. It just so happens, that the next post from the other blog fits right in with Monday Morons, so I'll just post that instead.
But don't worry, I will get back to that other issue at some point.
In other news, the five tornados in the area Friday did not come near enough to my house to do any damage. If anyone I know was hurt, I have yet to hear about it. A cop was killed while driving through the mess, and another man died of a heart attack when he saw what was coming. And, in spite of the news footage of buildings with torn off roofs and such, the tornados will all just F1s.
We had some more excitment around here today, but I don't think I'll get into it right now. I think that I'm okay. I'm going to take something for the headache etc...and then see if maybe I can still get some work done.
(The following was originally published on another blog on December 1st.)
Okay, so it is not the end of North Hills Mall, since that happened a number of years ago. But tonight on the news they said it was actually going to be torn down. It is in violation of some code, it's a hazard of some sort, and the owners have about two months to have it demolished.
The building has only been totally vacant for about two years. I don't remember how long ago the mall closed, but they kept trying to do something else with it for a while. I think for a time part of the movie theater was converted to have live plays, but I never went there to see any. I can't imagine that the place is falling down or anything like that already, and I think the building is only thirty years old anyway. It seems so wasteful to tear it down. Surely it could be fixed up and made into something else.
What I really find odd about the whole North Hills Mall thing, is that it is about a mile away from the North East Mall, which is so busy that about ten years ago they evicted people from their homes to add on to the mall and make more parking spaces and two new shopping centers.
Both malls are located right where three freeways converge. North Hills Mall is in North Richland Hills, and North East Mall is in Hurst. If it were not for all of the bridges and overpasses in the way, you could probably see one mall while standing in front of the other. And I believe that they were both built at about the same time. The North East Mall was the larger mall, with the standard anchor stores such as Sears and Wards and Dillard's, while the North Hills Mall had some less familiar anchor stores that were maybe supposed to be a bit more high-end. And the North Hills Mall had a Luby's Cafeteria and a food court right near the main entrance, while the North East Mall originally sold food throughout the mall. Both originally had movie theaters, though not of the same company.
Funny thing, but when I was a kid, I never realized that the two malls were right next to each other like that. I mean, they are not actually on the same freeway, and you can't see one while you are in the parking lot of the other one. And when I was a kid going to the mall, I was too busy talking in the back seat to pay attention to where were were driving. And we never went to both malls on the same day, so it was about ten years before I knew where they were in relation to each other. When I was younger, I preferred the smaller mall, since both had movie theaters, but only the smaller one had the food court. And I didn't care one way or the other about the anchor stores. I liked the smaller stores and candle shops, and things of that kind were in both malls.
But the North East Mall, the one that was larger to start with, continued to grow despite the closing of Wards and later the United Artists movie theater. The North Hills Mall also lost one of its anchor stores, and it seemed to be in rapid decline after that.
Anyway, it just never made sense to me why the people at the North East Mall didn't just buy out the smaller mall and fix that up rather than evict people from their homes to add on the mall they already had. So the little mall is about to be demolished, and the stores nearby are also losing business and closing, while the larger mall just gets larger and the traffic becomes more of a hassle. I just don't get it.


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laughingattheslut said...

Well, I deleted a comment. Not because the comment was particularly bad, but because I don't know how to have just the comment without the links. Anyway, if I figure it out later, I'll put the comment back.
And if that person wants to comment in the future, just comment without signing into blogger first and not add any links, and that should be okay.

And tomorrow's post is not really the answer to this person's post, though I do address one thing that was said. Despite the title of the post, it is not going to be about why I think this person is a terrible person or any of that stuff. Tomorrow's post is for most of the rest of my readers, and hopefully it will be the rest of you who read it and not this person.

evil-e said...

I have never seen a tornado, close, but not a tornado. Not in these parts of Ohio anyway. If you go just 30 west of here, they get torn up once a year at least. We get really fast moving thunder storms, lots of north winds, snow--depth depends on where you are located, and even thunder snow.

laughingattheslut said...
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