Thursday, April 05, 2007

Why you are not in my blogroll

Maybe you'll notice that I just don't have one. It's not because I don't like you. More like, I don't care about the computer that much.

I like writing. I like reading. I don't like trying to figure out how to make things work. So I haven't figured out blogroll and linking and such yet. Maybe I'll get around to it later. Maybe I won't.

It's pretty much the same with the pictures. I thought I had finally figured it out, but the next post that I put pictures in had all of the pictures in the opposite order than I wanted. So the pictures were next to things that I wrote about other pictures, so it made no damn sense. So I didn't publish that post, and I've given up on the pictures for now.

There are other examples of my frustrations with computers. Another time perhaps.

Anyway, with a couple of exceptions, if you've ever left a comment on my blog, I try to check on your blog everyday. There are a few others that I check on everyday, and there are a few more that I read about once a week or so. I read every day that I have access to the computer, except those few Wednesdays that I am busy at school. And that goes for weekends too, if my husband will get off the thing long enough for me to read anything. And I try to post on Saturday and Sunday too, so some of you will have extra stuff to read on Monday.

So I'm sorry if I upset anyone. Yes, I know that it is nice to put up a link to your blog after you've put up a link to mine. I'm just not up to that right now.

And welcome to my new readers. Even the ones who aren't into Star Trek.


dmarks said...

I guess I have a couple of comments. Both helpful I think. One you might not want to bother with.

1) There are a couple of advantages to not having a blogroll. Once you have one, you need to maintain it and keep adding your favorite blogs to it. Maintenace. Also, you might run the risk of slightly miffing someone by leaving their blog that you read and comment on off your list for whatever reason (like forgetting to maintain it, or you really don't heart their blog).

I just don't think anyone could ever be miffed by not being on a blogroll if it does not exist at all! The other bloggers probably know that you heart them even without a blogroll.

2) Something that you might want to add instead that is useful and painless is a label list:

-Go to Dashboard
-Click on Manage... Layout
-Click on "Add a Page Element"
-In the resulting popup, choose "Add to Blog" under Labels.
-Click Save Changes
Drag the "Labels" box in your Layout down to wherever you want it, probably to the bottom of the box list on the right.
-Click on Save.

There. You have your labels in a list to choose. No further maintenance necessary, because you are already making sure your posts have the proper labels, and as you add labels to posts they will go into the list automatically.

I've added a Label List to mine so you can see (scroll down on the right) but will likely take it away soon because unlike you I've not done a good job with labels. Duran Duran? Really.

If you don't want to bother with it, this list of instructions might be useful for someone else.

Babybull40 said...

It can be trying to keep up with blogrolls.. I've added some new ones and deleted some that I don't bother with anymore.. Ones that I use to go to when I was a rookie blogger.. I was starting out and wanted something to read.. but over time I have found that the ones I did decide to keep were the ones that meant more and well worth reading.. I don't think anyone will be all that upset if you don't have a blogroll.. I'm not offended one bit.. As for posting pictures that can be a pain too. You have to update with new stuff all the time (every couple of days for me) but it does add something for your regular readers to enjoy.. To eaches own.. whatever makes you happy is fine by me.. I still like to see what you are writing...keep it up..

evil-e said...

Understood...besides, "screaming about it can't help me, it is a fair move"

I have mine for the purposes of convenience. I hit all of my favorite spots (yours has been added) from my own site and do not have to log-out or bookmark.

The one pitfall is that you do have to "show some love" and link within a post every so often to keep all the peeps happy.

Rachel said...

I use and currently have 54 blogs on my list.
I haven't unpdated my blogroll for a few months and there are some that I need to delete and some that I need to add but the only way that i know how to do it is to go into the HTML which is a pain in the arse.