Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Year's Eve Party

Well, it's Wednesday again, so you probably already know what that means. Hopefully, the professor will remember to bring the "take home tests," whatever those are, and I will try to do those in the library this afternoon. In theory, I could finish all of the "wet work" that is official class stuff today. If I can get everything done today, that would leave me a week to get everything dry, and then my stuff can get fired at the end of next week. That would just leave painting the seashell, doing the raku (which he hasn't even scheduled yet), and taking the final the week after next. Which would leave me about a week to finish up the model of the Sleestak head and playing around with plaster and such.

I brought you something to read anyway. I know some of you have read the other bit about the New Year's Eve Party, but that was only about one story that I heard. This is about the rest of the evening, so you might want to read it anyway. And after this post I only have one post left to transfer from the other blog. Then I'll have to come up with all new stuff all the time.

(The following was originally posted in another blog on January 2nd.)

It started out slow, but then, doesn't it always? Four of us watched Galaxy Quest while we waited for the others to show up. The cat found us dull and fell asleep.

Other people came in, most bringing food, and one guy brought fireworks. The cat woke up and I gave him a few pieces of ham. Unfortunately "Mom" did not make an appearance, so I hope she is alright.

The cat decided we were not that interesting, even if we did have ham. He left the house early, without maiming anyone. That usually doesn't happen.

The next movie shown was Bubba Hotep, which I didn't really care for the first time around, so I went in the other room. The other room has a seven foot Christmas tree covered with little spaceships. Somehow a number of odd conversations started in this room.

At some point we were trying to explain Furries to a certain redhead. Really, you would think by now a certain redhead would know everything, but apparently not. She was also totally baffled by the concept of Japanese animated porn. Three guys in unison said the word "hentai", but then insisted that they weren't the only ones who knew what it was. So then the game was that whenever a new person came into the room, we would just say the word and see if the new person new what it meant. The first girl just burst out laughing. Her husband came in, one of us said the word, and he just sort of shrugged and said he'd need a little more to go on to be helpful in the conversation. The fireworks guy was the last to come in, the redhead said "hentai", and he asked her how many hours she required.

Somehow the word "queef" was added to our vocabulary as well (by another redhead).

Someone had given the redhead (the first one) a cake loaded with alcohol, so she decided to bring it to us. A bit after that someone was tossing around some magnetic spheres, and we all decided to see how many silly things we could say about balls.

Isn't that much more fun than watching Bubba Hotep?

Later, I learned that there are songs about STDs. Not songs about doing anything fun that might lead to having STDs, but just songs about having STDs. One of them was sung to the tune of the Beatles' "Yesterday," by the husband of the second redhead.

Then we headed outside for the countdown and the fireworks. Fireworks are illegal, and I don't see the big deal about them anyway. I don't know why everyone wants to see them so bad that they'd risk getting fined two thousand dollars. But whatever. I don't even touch the sparklers. Test me for gunpowder if you like. I was not involved.

Then it was back inside for more ridiculous conversations.

There is usually a couple at the party who try to get everyone to dance. But I heard that they recently split, and while they are both good friends with our hostess, neither one of them came to the party. So, there was no dancing (unless it was in the living room during Bubba Hotep and I did not see it). Still, even without the dancing, I managed to not get home until three in the morning.


Commenter said...

I see a wholesome time as had by all. What happened to the alcohol cake?

Laughingattheslut said...

One of the girls had an extra piece, and when everyone was teasing her about it I went and gave her some of the chocolate cover espresso beans.

I did not have any cake.

I did not have any rum balls either.

There was a lot of the cake left. Several of the kid's friends still hang out at the house, so I think maybe they ended up eating it.


evil-e said...

A Sleestak, cool. I used to love that show when I was a kid. They had to protect the pylons and they always wanted to catch Chacka(sp?)

The only part of the Croft Power Hour was Electro Woman and DynaGirl.

dmarks said...

"Halloween in April" is coming up. It's never too late to do something with a Sleestak theme.