Friday, April 06, 2007

Just thinking

According to Tara, today is Magic 8 Ball Day, and you are supposed to make decisions after consulting this magic device. I probably have one of those around here somewhere. Also, packed away in one of these boxes, is something like a magic 8 ball that looks like Yoda. Got him from Taco Bell a few years ago. He's very hard to read.

Probably should not participate in this anyway. I do have a very important decision to make. I just don't want to do anything about it at the moment.

Later today I should clean out the refrigerator. Actually, it is tomorrow that we are all supposed to do that, but I will be very busy tomorrow. Also, tomorrow we are supposed to clean out from under our beds. I have permission from Tara to not clean the stuff that is actually on top of the bed, but my husband will be home tonight and probably has other ideas on the subject.

I have decided to go to school today. I rarely go on Fridays, since there is only two hours of lab time available, but I need to finish something soon so I am going anyway. Maybe if I only work on one thing today I won't waste a lot of time putting away tools and such.

Yesterday I got mostly good news, and a reminder that I need to do some other stuff. Like get a cholesterol test and a mammogram. I have never had a mammogram. I am not looking forward to it and have not even made any phone calls to determine where this could be done.

Yesterday I got a comment from someone who apparently is not from this country. I know very little of geography and such, and have no idea where this came from. I wonder if the blogger just left comments on all the blogs that do not do something to make sure that an actual live person is leaving comments. Or maybe my blog was selected since both of us posted something about a recipe from Applebees. Except, now that I look at it, my blog doesn't actually say that the recipe was from Applebees. Never mind. If I actually have a new reader, welcome new reader, however you happened to get here.

I have my phone back in working order since last week, and I have my car back from the shop since Wednesday. I might blog more about one of those things on Monday. Or I might not.

Anyway, it is good to have the car back. And it actually works better. I wouldn't have bothered getting these particular repairs. I hadn't really noticed the problem, but I have to have them done to get an inspection sticker. There are other things wrong with the car, and I'd probably have spent the money on the other stuff instead, but I didn't have money for all the repairs.

The main thing that was fixed this time was the power steering. I'd forgotten that I had power steering. It just gradually went away and I got used to driving without it working properly. Now it works just fine. Power steering is wonderful stuff when it works properly.

Tomorrow I will probably post an old post from the other blog, which will remind me to participate in Tara's holiday scheduled for Sunday. Should have no trouble finding 27 things to get rid of.

Must be off to school now. Thanks for stopping by.


Babybull40 said...

Happy Trails to you...Have a good weekend..

dmarks said...

The Applebee's thing looks sort of like a spam, but there's some useful looking info on his site rather than spam junk. Well, that's your first visitor from the United Arab Emirates, perhaps.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

I've had care troouble and it sucks. I've had my car in the shop (same shop) about 4 different times and the issue STIll remains!! UGH!!!

evil-e said...

No power steering, you are probably a lot stronger after not having that for a while. Quite a workout.

laughingattheslut said...

Someday I should tell you what can be done with the muscles you develop from using a jeweler's saw.