Saturday, April 28, 2007


I totally forgot that it was greet everyone with a nonsense word. So I'll do that now.


Okay, so it's not totally a nonsense word, but probably only two of my readers will recognize it. And I've probably misspelled it too.

And I'm still wearing the pumpkin T-shirt from yesterday, so I guess that it's still Halloween in April.


dmarks said...

I suppose I will out myself as one of the two when I mention that I considered "Genactic" this morning, along with considering "Nanoo, Nanoo". The one I ended up dropping into the comment over at BabyBull40's was "Quarb", made up on the spot.

Live long and prosper. And quarb to the souls of your ancestors.

Killer said...

I don't know, but if you google that word, this post shows up as the first selection.

"nanoo, nanoo" is from Mork and Mindy, right?

laughingattheslut said...

Well, that was quick.

Okay, I can't spell, but you guys already knew that. Half the time I can't even spell regular stuff.

Maybe it's on one of the DVDs and I can look it up later.

Nanoo nanoo was from Mork & Mindy, though I don't know if that is spelled right either.

I always thought that Mork & Mindy was written after someone read Stranger in a Strange Land, so someone might leave a comment correcting us and quoting something from Heinlein.

The Internet is ogonza besasa.

And I'm sure I didn't spell that right either.