Friday, April 27, 2007

Favorite Eating Places

I've been tagged by Dmarks, so I'm supposed to describe my five favorite restaurants.

Like a person could really narrow it down to five. Please. Maybe five categories. Or five kinds of food.

Let's see. A long time ago, in a town about 125 miles away, there used to be a Mexican food place called El Babos. I have no idea if I even spelled that right. It was probably the only Mexican restaurant that I went to as a kid. I like all kinds of Mexican food now, but nothing is quite as good as the memory of this place. The tacos had red shells. There were other kinds of tacos there, but the ones we ate were red. Mom used to order the guacamole there, and back then I did not eat guacamole, it just looked too weird. There was something else that we used to order there, but I don't even know what the thing was called. It was spherical and orange, probably a breaded and fried thing. It had a bunch of stuff inside held together with cheese, and there was another piece of cheese on top of the thing. I don't know what it was and I have never seen anything like it since. The restaurant was in Wichita Falls, and we moved away when I was eleven. The restaurant closed either in the late seventies or maybe the mid-eighties. There is still a Mexican restaurant in that building, but it isn't the same.

The Mexican food in New Mexico usually seems just a little different than the stuff in Texas. We like a place in the Mesilla area of Los Cruses. A place called La Posta has a room full of parrots. I think the place is closed on Mondays, and it seems like half the time we drive through the area it is on a Monday and we don't get to go.

Probably our favorite local Mexican place is Campo Verde in Arlington. It is filled with Christmas lights and has a miniature train up near the ceiling. Like most Mexican places, they serve chips and salsa, but they also serve queso and the chips have chili powder on them. I used to really not like beans, but they have a black bean soup with cilantro that I tried to copy. Someday when I have money I'm going to try the rattlesnake fajitas.

We might have a new favorite Mexican place now. We just discovered Abuello's last week. My husband really liked a soup he tried with lime and chicken. The regular salsa was excellent, and they also had a habanero salsa.

Also a long time ago in Wichita Falls was Fido's Pizza. It wasn't my favorite place at the time, cause the other kids went to Shakey's Pizza, but after we moved away I really missed it. The sausage pizza was covered with fennel seeds. I just thought that was what everyone did to sausage pizza, but I haven't seen that anywhere else. Once a great while I make it myself that way, but that really isn't the same either.

Speaking of pizza, we have been to Mystic Pizza twice. Like in the movie Mystic Pizza, in Mystic Connecticut. You wouldn't think that two people from Texas would end up at the same east coast pizza place two years in a row, but it somehow worked out that way. We had a basic pepperoni and sausage and everything on it usual kind of pizza one trip, and the next trip we had a weird seafood pizza. Both were good.

My husband really liked a pizza place in Omaha called Mi Casa or something like that, but I wasn't that impressed with it. I thought it was a lot like the pizza in box kits that we used to make.

Our favorite local pizza now is the white pizza at Pizza Sarajevo. I think that is in Carrollton, or maybe Addison. I had no idea why it is named that or if the owner is from there or if Sarajevo is known for it's pizza or what. We don't live near the place, but we used to get pizza there sometimes when my husband worked near there.

When we first started dating again, my husband and I liked a Chinese place called Jimmy Dips. It was our special place for a while. We were married for almost a year before my parents met his mom, and that was the place we took them. The place is closed now. I think it had something to do with widening the freeway or something. My husband once asked for sweet and sour pork to be made extra spicy. The lady taking our order corrected him, and said "sweet and sour pork is sweet and sour," but she brought him a side of chili sauce anyway. That's still one of our little jokes.

To be honest, almost any place with the words Chinese Buffet in the title has been my favorite restaurant at some point. Once we were going to eat at the place mentioned in the song Werewolves of London, but once we got there it either looked expensive or crowded, and we ended up eating in the basement next door. I have no idea what the name of the place was. Most of the stuff in the area had similar names to the place in the song, so if you didn't say the name carefully it sounded like you said something nasty.

I like just about any seafood place in Maine. Maine gets a bit weird with the lobsters. Every place seems to sell lobsters. In the summer you can get lobster rolls at McDonald's, but those probably aren't the best. Everything seemed to be "and lobsters" or "and seafood" in combination with other things that did not make sense. Like there was some tire place "and lobsters." People sell lobsters from pickup trucks in parks and on the side of the road.

There was someplace in Bar Harbor where we got a good lobster dinner for less than fifteen dollars. I don't remember the name of the restaurant, just that it was a short walk from most of the tourist stuff we were doing. I think it's called a shoreman's dinner if you have steamed lobster, steamed clams, corn on the cob, red potatoes, and blueberry pie. If you eat the same meal on the beach, it is called a clam bake. We didn't go on a clam bake because it cost like three times as much, and we probably would have gotten sick on the boat ride back.

My favorite barbecue place is K.C. Masterpiece in Kansas City. My husband and most people who really like barbecue places will disagree and vote for someplace where someone yells at you and then serves you nothing but meat and bread on some brown paper. Not me. I like a nice restaurant where they serve lighter things with the meat, like maybe a salad. Try to go at lunch, cause after that it gets real expensive.

I should probably stop now. Maybe I should tag David in D.C. We went on a tour of DC once, and they let us out in Georgetown for lunch, but the electricity had temporarily gone out in a lot of places and we just ended up at Uno's Pizza. David can tell us what we missed out on.

What do you think? Anyone else want to play?


Babybull40 said...

Mexican is always a real treat.. but we love East Indian from the place called Modern Indian Buffet.. great food.. we order out from there at least once a week..

laughingattheslut said...

Never really got into Indian food. Didn't really know many places to go until I went back to college, and by that time I'd already decided I didn't care for it. I should probably give it another try sometime.

dmarks said...

Well, I've had enough fennel-free Little Caesar's, and it is time to read this post.

La Posta! No, I do not remember any parrots. I just remember that it was actually a jail that Bill the Kid broke out of. The parrots had to be there; how could I have missed them? I remember it as an "excellent Mexican restaurant", but not the most unusual special dining experience because for whatever reason I have excellent Mexican restaurants where I am as well. I also remember that they called that green sauce "chili" (or was it chile?), which I had not heard before. The people I was with were so proud of their local restaurant.

I really do hope to go to Campo Verde.

Fennel pizza? Is it really good? Well, there are still some slices of Little Caesar's left, and some fennel in the spice rack.

About the "someplace where someone yells at you and then serves you nothing but meat and bread on some brown paper" BBQ place, I've read about those in John Grisham novels. Would like to try that some day too. I've been to something close to that in Memphis for lunch, and it was very good.

"Werewolves of London"... I'm guessing that the place was near Trader Vic's, and no I am not googling the lyrics. Love that song, and I am stopping short in my rambling before I quote my favorite line from the song.

I just remembered one of our favorites I forgot to list. I'm going to add it as a comment in my "Places to Eat" post. Better stop before the comment is longer than my post.

laughingattheslut said...

Lee Ho Fooks is a Chinese restaurant mentioned in Werewolves of London. It is a real place, though I heard they got rid of the beef chow mein.

I'm not sure I'd recomend the fennel seeds on the pizza. I like it once in a while, but I had it growing up, and even I don't eat it like that very often.

dmarks said...

I need to hear that song again. I remember the "get a dish of beef chow mein", but do not remember the name of the restaurant.

Considering the warning, if there are any fennel seeds around, I'll try it tomorrow at least in a minor way.

evil-e said...

There are a couple of great Mexican places in Cleveland, yes Cleveland. It seems we have a large latino population around here and can they do the Mexican.

The pizza for the most part sucks in Cleveland, I was spoiled by NYC.

I might have to get down to Texas for some food, wow you could have gone on forever it seems.

Babybull40 said...

Actually East Indian food is quite healthy for you with all the great spices they use.. I say give it if you are sick with a cold it will clear out your

laughingattheslut said...

Well, I was only asked for five restaurants, and I came up with five kinds of food instead.

And I didn't even get into fast food restaurants, out right junk food, or desserts.

I've already done a diet drink review in here somewhere. I just keep putting off the actual dieting.

And I didn't write anything in this post about weird food either. But then, weird food isn't a restaurant, it's a contest, so it would have to be a separate post anyway.

Killer said...

The best BBQ is in Memphis. I lived a year there, and every other restaurant is a BBQ place. There is a reason everyone in the South is obese.

dmarks said...

Restaurant stuff can be fun. Maybe you can launch a new "meme" off of one of those related topics you mentioned.

velverse said...

Wow... Bar Harbor sounds like a great deal. Lobster for less than fifteen is great.

I shall keep that in the list in mind.

Hehe... if you don't mind, could you notify me if any of your friends did the tag since it is kinda hard for me to trackback and I am trying to compile a list :)

Nicole Tan said...

:D when I started the meme I just wanted 5..but hey the more hte better..the food really sounds yummy...makes me crave for mexican now..haven't had that in a while...hmmm

thankf for playing along!

Rachel said...

I swear you have the memory of a freakin' elephant.

dmarks said...

No fennel pizza for me: there's no fennel in the house right now.

victori said...

the funnel shaped item at EL BABOS in wichita falls was a chili relaino(not sure of spelling-long pepper stuffed with cheese and meat deep fried sauce on top-my dad's favorite thing when we went there.You could raise the little flag for more food.I was in Jr. High my favorite thing there?the waiter named Kenna-