Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Beware of Saurians bearing gifts

I don't know what a Saurian is, but in the 23rd century, they make brandy. Or they will make brandy. Whatever.

Anyway, when they were filming the original Star Trek series in the sixties, they needed a bottle of Saurian brandy to film a certain scene. And, rather than wait four hundred years for the Saurians to make one, they used a Dickel bottle instead.
A few days ago, it was my brother's birthday. And I have one of these bottles, and he was saying how if I ever found another one that he would like to have it.
And it just so happened that I found one of these earlier this week. And I thought, that's good, cause I can give him this bottle for his birthday. Let's see today is....
Ooopps, missed his birthday. Never mind, he'll still like it even if it is a few days late.
My brother originally wanted to invite everyone over to his place on the 4th and have a big BBQ thing. But he decided that he didn't have enough money and he'd do that next year. But he still wanted to have people over for hotdogs and such, but a few weeks ago he had some unexpected expenses and decided that he couldn't do that either. So we were not invited over for hotdogs, because he couldn't afford the hotdogs. I forgot this part of the discussion, and when the phone rang I thought it was him reminding us that we were supposed to come over for hotdogs.
Oh, sorry. I hit the wrong button on the speed dial.
Hey, are we still coming over for hotdogs?
No. I'm out of money and I didn't buy any hotdogs.
No hotdogs?
No hotdogs. I am really broke. I am really, really broke.
Okay. Can we come over in a bit anyway? We got you something.
Sure. Mom wants me to do something later, but you can come over now, or later. Whatever.
Okay. Whatever.
Then I took a nap or something. Soon after that my husband and I were discussing lunch plans. My brother called back to see when we had decided to stop by. My husband and brother talked about hotdogs and decided that there was no reason that we should not have hotdogs. Just that my husband would have to buy them.
So I get ready and we go to the store, and it starts pouring down rain, so we decided against the whole outdoor grill thing. But we can still have hotdogs, just without the charcoal and the cooking outdoors and such.
There was a bit of confusion at the checkout about which hotdogs were on sale and such. By the time we got done at the store it had stopped raining. But we hadn't bought any charcoal, and we were not going back in the store.
So we presented my brother with the Dickel bottle and he was very happy to get it. And then we started cooking the hotdogs and toasting buns and chopping onions and such. And then my mother called.
My mother had wanted my brother to do something for her like three or four hours ago, but then she wasn't ready to go when she originally said, so my brother decided to do other stuff rather than just wait for her to call.
So now we're getting ready to eat lunch, and she wants to go wherever it is, and she doesn't get why my brother isn't ready to just jump in the car and rush right over to help her. And the place that she wanted to go was open for regular business hours and isn't going to close til nine, so there's really no hurry. But she doesn't see it that way, and now she's ticked at all three of us for ruining her plans for the day.

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Dame Honoria Glossop said...

It's what mothers are for :)