Thursday, July 12, 2007

Still smashing things

I am quite tired today. After a strange sequence of events which I will not go into at the moment I have ended up with a three night stay at a motel that is practically around the corner from my house. So I'm going to take this opportunity to rip up some more carpet and break some more tiles. And after I get that little area cleaned up I'm going to patch some cracks in the floor and probably spread out a bit of leveling compound, which is something I can't do on a day I actually plan to sleep in my own bed or take a bath in my own bathtub or anything like that.

I'll only get about a fourth of the floor done this time. To do the job properly, you're supposed to do the whole room at once, but I'm having trouble moving the furniture around and stuff like that. Once I get this strip done, I can worry about the rest of it later.

I was happy to rip up the hallway carpet; it was wet and it looked awful anyway. But this stuff doesn't look so bad and it might be okay to just have it cleaned instead of having it removed. It's just that I'm starting to worry about mold and such. I keep picturing myself dying like this CSI character. But that guy took steroids, and I don't, so I'm probably safe. Still, I'm getting the carpet out just to be on the safe side.

I'm making progress, and I've smashed about forty tiles to death today. I'll do thirty more soon, if I can find someplace to move the last bookcase and the exercise bike.

Exercise bike? How did that get in here?

After I do that part of the floor, I plan to go to Arkansas again. I'm not sure if I mentioned that before. My husband is scheduled to work in Arkansas next week. It's not quite in the same area as the crystal mines, but it's close enough, and we're planning to go to another one on his day off.

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evil-e said...

If you do go to the crystal mines you will have had a lot of practice smashing things with a hammer!!