Sunday, July 08, 2007

Monday Morons--7-7-07

A bunch of people got married Saturday. I think that some of them are a bit weird.

Don't misunderstand. I wish them well anyway. I just think it's weird to pick your wedding day because of the way that the numbers line up. Some of the people were extra weird and decided to get married at seven o'clock.

But some of them got to do cool things. A bunch of them got married at Six Flags on a roller-coaster. If your dream wedding involved getting married on a roller-coaster, Saturday was definitely the right day for you. I'm sure that sort of thing is normally very expensive, but these people probably got to do it for the normal price of admission. Good for them.

Anyway, I didn't realize this was going to be a big deal until Friday. I saw something about it on the news. 7-7-07. Lucky day. Must be time to get married.

Okay, the first I heard about someone getting married on that day was a bit before Christmas. N, sister of one of my friends from the club, had met someone online. So that was already weird, at least to me. After what happened to me, I don't think much of people who have online relationships. I don't see how you can really get to know someone that way. I can see meeting someone online and then having regular dates and falling in love afterward, but I can't understand picking "the one" online and agreeing to marry someone that you've never even met.

And I think N meeting someone online is a bit weird anyway. N is really something to see. She really looks good. I mainly only know her from the Halloween Party. She looks good in everything. All the guys are dying to go out with her. Looks like she'd be too busy with real dates to bother with the online stuff anyway.

N apparently has a type. She dates men who have certain jobs and are about ten years older. Maybe she decided to get married while she was still young enough to get a good-looking guy who was her type. Anyway, this guy is not quite that much older than she is, and he's a firefighter in California someplace.

Her parents are really worried about this. I can't see that I really get what they are worried about. Are firemen not nice guys? She's always getting involved with older men, and so far nothing really bad has happened. The relationships usually don't work out, but I haven't heard of anyone beating her or anything like that. So she goes off with some guy and it doesn't work out, and she moves back home for a bit while she's looking for an apartment, and maybe she meets another guy before she gets the apartment and it all starts over again. Maybe not so great, but I don't get what is so different about this guy. If it's the usual pattern, it won't work out and she'll move back home for a few weeks. I don't get why they even think this time is different.

Anyway, he came here for a visit, and N's parents didn't get a good vibe from him. A month later she moved to California to live with him. They were supposed to get married on 7-7-07. I haven't heard yet if she actually got married or not.

But here's what she said about the date. They were going to get married on 7-7-07 because it was God's day.

Not lucky number seven day. God's day.

Don't misunderstand. I am all for God and having God in your life and having God in your marriage. But Saturday wasn't God's day anymore than any other day. If God is in your life and in your future spouse's life, you can get married on 6-6-06 or 1-13-13 and God will still be there.

If she cares so much about God in her marriage, is she doing the stuff that God really cares about? Did she live with all these other guys and not have sex with them? Did she live with this guy for the last six months and not have sex with him?

Don't get me wrong. If you can live six months with the person you plan to marry and NOT have sex, I think that's wonderful. That would be a good test of the relationship. You could find out if can live together and work through your problems. You could find out if you can get over all of your little disagreements without having sex to smooth things over afterwards.

It's really a great idea, but I doubt many people do that. And I don't think that N has spent the last six months in California being celibate.

Okay. So I wish N and the firefighter well, and I hope N's parents are wrong and everything is fine with them.

But God's day? Whatever.


Dame Honoria Glossop said...

It was my birthday on Saturday. How great of my parents to arrange for me to be born on 7/7.

I think Saturday is named after the Roman god Saturnus, so maybe N was actually referring to a pre-Christian religion.

laughingattheslut said...

If your parents put enough thought into it that you had a summer birthday, be impressed regardless of the number.

I got stuck with December, which rather sucks.

dmarks said...

I kind of let this 'magic day' slip by. The local casinos, however, had a lot of ads on the media talking about how it was such a lucky day to go gamble.

Babybull40 said...

Lucky in love or lucky at gambling.. Either way I think the whole thing was taken a bit too serious.. As for meeting people online it's not a bad thing, but since you have had problems with that in the past it's not surprising how jaded and suspicious you can become... Only being a blogger and having few friends that live far away(overseas) that I have had friendships with over the years.. not all were over the internet.. Some were and calling and chatting online which would go on for quite awhile.. but once we met them in person.. they were exactly how they portrayed themselves.. decent people that made friendships online.. and still to this day have a good relationship with them.. I can't see them everyday.. but we do chat amd have a bond that really isn't much different from other relationships ... Not everyone has good /making friends etc.. and can easily be taken advantage of by the other party..

Plump Pigeon said...

I didnt pay much attention to the 7-7-07 thing, apart from to go 'oh yeah, its the 7th of the 7th 07'.

I thought it was much funnier to watch people get all het up about the fact that their Child was born on the 6-6-06. I heard that one couple even called their kid Damian. Freaks.

evil-e said...

My birthday is 7-13....what does that say? All of this cutesy number crap is just that, crap. The world did not end last year on 06-06-06 (darn), 7-7-07 is not going to produce anything fruitful either, maybe 77.7% of all those 7-7-07 marriages ending in divorce!

What are the idiots working on for 8-8-08 next year?

laughingattheslut said...

Magic 8-Ball Day?