Friday, July 27, 2007

200th post--taking a look at my blog

I should have taken a vote as I did for the 100th post-- But, I've been busy, and I've been out of town, and I really didn't have time for anything spectacular anyway. I got a few suggestions, but I didn't work on those ideas. Maybe I'll blog about them some other time.

And maybe if I get started right now, I could really come up with something for the 300th post. Or maybe the 400th post.

Or maybe not.

As some of you may know, I originally started this blog because of a certain Homewrecking-Slut. But after a while I just used the blog to to do the more normal blogging things like keeping a journal, and then I got a few comments and started to have a bit of fun with it. So we don't talk much about the Homewrecking-Slut anymore. It's not forbidden to talk about her or anything like that, but most of the time we have better things to do.

Currently, the blog's only regular feature is Monday Morons. It is a bit of fun to write, and the unfortunate truth is that there are just endless things to write about on the subject. I should try to write a regular feature on something more positive. I keep thinking that I'm going to write this "take over the world" stuff, but I've been writing all this time and so far I've only written one change the world post --

Writing about morons takes so little effort. I just sit down here and type, after the morons have done most of the work. But the change the world stuff is different, and I should put a little more effort into those. And it's hard. And while I can easily write about morons once a week, writing this other stuff once a week would be difficult. Even trying to write about it once a month might be too much effort.

But keep reading, and I might give it a try. Soon I'll be telling you what's wrong with your sex life and whom to vote for and stuff like that. I might even start a whole new political party.

Or maybe not.

Okay, so I said that I didn't care who was reading my blog and I didn't really want to know, because I didn't want knowing who might be reading something to influence what I was writing. And, for the most part, I still think that is for the best. But then I read this post written by everyone's favorite hairy nurse-- After that I thought the whole tracking thing might be fun.

So my husband added something to the blog a few weeks ago, and I've had a bit of fun with it. I still can't just look and see who is reading my blog, but I can see how some people got to my blog. So I can see that my blog was read five times by clicking a link on your blog, but I can't tell if it's because you have at least four readers intelligent enough to check me out, or if you just really miss me.

And I can look at the Geo-tracker and see that I still have a reader in Canada, and a few in England (most of whom don't like the "H" word ), but most readers are in the United States. A few people from other places read once in a while, and there was one hit from Qatar. I had never even heard of that place.

But the really fun thing is to see what people Googled to get to the blog.

For a while people seemed to think that I had some special Thanksgiving Shopping Secrets. Sadly, I do not, but thanks for reading anyway. Those people were misled here--

A lot of people are reading my post about diet drinks-- People Googled all kinds of things to find that. I hope that they found it helpful or humorous or something.

Several people Googled stuff like Baptists believe that we're all going to Hell and Everyone is going to Hell and found this one-- And while that is pretty much what I meant to say, I'm a bit embarrassed about it cause I wrote Post-Tribulation and Pre-Tribulation backwards, and so the quote that pops up on the Google search is wrong. And somehow I don't think that's what people where looking for anyway.

Some very determined person went through about seven pages of Google stuff to find this post-- Unfortunately for that person, the post was about an almost boyfriend who looked like Tom Cruise and had a drinking problem, and it has absolutely nothing to do with Sally Field's Sexy Feet.

I'm afraid that I was not overly helpful in discovering the reason Why husbands don't do sweet things--

Nor did I have the answer to If my boyfriend cheats on me can I get a yeast infection--

I do not have much advice on How to know if husband has spent night in motel room-- Most of the time, he tells me. And sometimes I'm in the room with him, so it's kind of obvious.

And there are a few things that fellow fans of science fictions look for that led them here, (TANSTAAFL, Quatermass, Vorlon, Altrusian, etc...) and that totally makes sense. But the thing that I seem to be the authority on this month (other than diet drinks and who is going to Hell) is the Truth about penis. So let me tell you the truth: if you were born with one you should probably keep it, and the rest of us should try staying away from it once in a while. But more people found this particular post -- after looking for Giant penis or Dick costume, which is what the post is actually about. I think that the numbers keep going up on that one because of my husband testing the tracking thing.

So thanks for stopping by and reading. I hope you like the place. But if you don't, that's just too damn bad, because it's my blog. Feel free to leave comments.


David in DC said...

Happy Blogoversary

dmarks said...

Congratulations also on being in the Top 3 Google links for discussion of homewrecking sluts.

Also, nice going with the enhancements such as more links and bold letters.

John said...

Thank you for the nice post.

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