Friday, July 27, 2007

Monday Morons--Class Registeration

I took a ceramic class during the last spring semester, and it kept me from going completely bonkers. So I plan to take another art class in the fall. I'll probably take sculpture instead. My ceramic teacher keeps trying to teach a sculpture class, but it keeps getting cancelled due to lack of interest. I think that they have to have ten students signed up or the class gets dropped. So the teacher kept trying to get us all interested in taking sculpture in the fall.

Okay. So I go online and sign up for a sculpture class. And I'm not sure that I've even signed up for the right thing, because the teacher's name isn't there. It just says faculty. Maybe he's teaching half of the class and someone else is teaching half the class. Anyway, I didn't see anything else like that listed, so I signed up and hoped I had the right class.

I believe I signed up on July 20th.

When I got home from Shreveport, I found something in the mail that said I had been dropped from the class. And at first I thought that the class itself had been canceled again, which wasn't totally unexpected. But I just thought it was way too early for something like that to happen.

After reading the rest of the letter, it turns out that I had been dropped due to lack of payment.

So that was odd. It had only been a week.

Anyway, different schools have different payment deadlines, and I so had UTA's stuck in my head I wasn't really paying too much attention. But I'd never heard of anyone giving you less time than a week during regular registration. During late registration you have to pay that same day, because you have to be paid up in full before class starts. But the during regular registration you usually have a long time to pay. At UTA I would sign up for something in April that they didn't expect payment for until August, but paid half as soon as I could just to be on the safe side. At UTA they couldn't drop you until the first day of class if you'd paid at least half.

So I go back online and sign up for the class again. And then I look at the payment instructions and find out that registration has been divided up into these two week blocks, and that if you sign up during a certain two week period you have to pay by the end of the two week period. Not the next two week period, but the same two week period. So if you sign up on the first Monday of the two week period you have almost two weeks to pay, and if you sign up during the first Friday of the two week period you still have a week to pay, but if you sign up during the second Friday of the two week period you have to pay that day.

So I had signed up on the 20th and was dropped for non-payment on the 23rd.

Okay. So to make sure that this didn't happen again we headed over to the school, and the doors were looked.

I knew that they didn't have classes on Fridays, cause most colleges I am familiar with do not have summer classes on Fridays. But I thought that most of the business offices had the same M-F 9-5 or so schedule that they always had. There was one school I went to that didn't have Friday classes during the fall or spring semesters either, but they were still open on Friday and were happy to take your money then.

Okay, so you are allowed to register for a class on a Friday even though you have to pay for the class that same day, but you can't go to the campus that day to pay because there's no one in the office.


I'm going to have another go at it either this morning or tomorrow. And my instructor hasn't answered my email yet, so I still don't even know if I signed up for the right class.


The Diva's Thoughts said...

That's crazy that they don't even have office hours on Friday.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

That makes no sense whatsoever....they make you jump through hoops and still drop you...

dmarks said...

I know this is real, but it just reminds me of those dreams I have had where there is a college (or possibly high school) class that I forgot to take all semester and then I realize toward the end that I'd better go.

evil-e said...

Guess you will find out eventually....

laughingattheslut said...

At least I have the bill paid now. If I find out that someone else is teaching the sculpture class and the stuff scheduled isn't the stuff that I wanted to do, I can probably add/drop and take another ceramics class instead.