Monday, July 09, 2007

"Come out, Neville!"

Well, that line probably won't be in the new movie, since "come out" has become something you say to someone you think is gay. But last week I went to see the Transformers, and I saw the trailer for I Am Legend, the third movie made from the Richard Matheson story. The first one was The Last Man On Earth in 1964 and starred Vincent Price. It was soon followed in 1971 by The Omega Man starring Charleston Heston.

The new I Am Legend stars Will Smith. Will Smith is getting pretty good at saving the human race. Wonder if he can do it again?

I had heard rumors about someone making another version of I Am Legend back in 2002. But I thought that maybe the rumor wasn't really about Matheson's story, since 28 Days Later came out just after that. And then there were more zombie movies and remakes of zombie movies, so I could see how a person could get confused. So I'm glad that the rumors turned out to be true.

Matheson's story was published in 1954. The main character is the sole survivor of a plague that turns everyone into vampires. There's a lot of stuff out now about vampirism caused by viruses and plagues that turn everyone into zombies, but I think for the time it was a pretty original idea.

Anyway, the film is scheduled for a December release. And that makes me wonder why I haven't seen the Invasion trailer in theaters yet, since that film is scheduled to be released next month. That's usually a bad sign.

And while I was in the theater, I also saw a trailer for a film by J J Abrams. There are shots of New York being attacked by something, and the event is being recorded by someone with a camcorder. Makes the film look a bit like The Blair Witch Project. There was no title for the film, though a quick Google search finds that it might be a film called Parasite.

This site was also mentioned, though I can't get all of it to work yet, and I have no idea what Ethan was right about. And it might be totally unrelated to the J J Abrams film. I can't judge yet. I just read that a lot of people think that they are connected.

As for the Transformers movie itself, it wasn't even something that I had planned on seeing until a couple of weeks ago. Seems like when the Transformers were a big deal, I wasn't the right age to appreciate them. And they were marketed at boys anyway. I think maybe my brother had some. So the names were vaguely familiar, but I didn't really know much about them. I wasn't totally thrilled to hear that they were making a movie about them, and I didn't run over to the box office for advance tickets.

The first part of the movie has a lot of fun stuff with the main character buying his first car. And then there are some chase scenes and stuff like that. And then there's the whole bit about who the Transformers are and why they're on Earth and all of that. And then they still have to try to hide from the main character's parents. Then there were a lot more chase scenes and blowing up things and stuff like that.

If you like long chase scenes and blowing things up, you'll probably go see this movie. If you're a guy a little younger than me, you've probably already seen this movie.

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Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Oh, I love the book I Am Legend. I look forward to the film.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I am looking forward to the film too...

dmarks said...

"long chase scenes and blowing things up"?

One of my brothers recently decide to watch the DVD of "Mission Impossible 3" by skipping any scene without an explosion in it. I don't think he made the movie much shorter doing this.