Sunday, September 30, 2007

Okay, now that's sorted out

The eBay stuff has been listed now. I have no idea what's wrong with Turbo Lister or whatever, but even with the proper passwords and such it still didn't seem to work. The regular stuff seems to work now, but not on Explorer. So we used FireFox instead.

So now everything is listed for a fair price, but no bids yet. And one of the listings seems really hard to find. So if I can't find it, and I know that it's there, I don't think that the customer will find it. So that's bad. I tried to edit the listing a couple of times, but that didn't seem to help.

Oh, well. It's just a bit of an experiment. Sometimes they don't go the way you would hope.

With the delay I had to set up five day auctions instead of seven day auctions. At least I have that option now. Last time that I tried to sell anything all the auctions were exactly one week.

They were having a bit of a special, so all six listings only cost me about three dollars in fees. So that's not too bad. The worst thing that will happen now is that I'll be out three bucks and I'll have a lot of pumpkin scented soaps and stuff to use myself. Which was the original idea anyway.

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Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

The only thing I have bought off Ebay was some stupid coupons.. Since then I haven't bothered...wasting my money..