Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Enjoying a cold one

That is, I'm enjoying a cold Coke. I don't do beer, or any other kind of alcohol, unless the alcohol has been cooked in something and doesn't really count as alcohol anymore. But I do like a cold Coke.

I'm told I shouldn't have these anymore. Damn. Cause I really like them a lot.

So we finally got the results of our annual blood work, and the cholesterol is bad, and the triglycerides are bad, etc.... So we are supposed to go on a diet.

Okay. So I get that cholesterol is something found in animal fat, so we aren't supposed to eat a lot of animal fat except for some kinds of fish, and we're not supposed to eat some other fats, and we're supposed to try to eat more of some of the good fats but really not go overboard with that either. But I get it. It's about fat.

Coca-Cola is a fat free product. Total fat--0 grams. No fat. No protein either, but no fat. Tons of sugar. 39 grams of sugar and 140 calories, but no fat.

There are no Cokes on this diet plan. I suppose I can have Diet Coke in a few spaces where it says water or other non-caloric drink, but that's not the same. I don't want to give up my Coke.

So I'm thinking if I really want to do this whole diet thing, or if I just want to watch the fat and keep drinking the Cokes, or if I want to gradually ease into this whole diet thing or what.

Except for the high blood pressure thing, my husband's numbers were all worse than mine. But I don't know if he's going to do any of this stuff or not. So far the only thing he seems interested in is switching to whole wheat bread, which he doesn't mind eating once in a while anyway. I think most weeks he has 5 hamburgers and 6 orders of french fries. I think that everyday he has either fries or potato chips, and sometimes he has both.

My husband has been rather obsessed with carrots this year. I wonder what the numbers would have been without the carrots replacing some of the potato chips?

My husband also mentioned that a major drug company did a study to find things most people had problems with that were usually not fatal. Seems like the things were blood pressure, cholesterol, and fat. Everyone has all those things, and they might be a problem. You'd better take a pill for that.

He also has a theory that a really long bike ride would solve the problem, even if he didn't eat better or take medications.

For lunch we went on one last trip to the Chinese all we can stuff ourselves buffet. I have done this a few times before. We'll see how long that lasts this time.

Other than that, I'm a bit ticked off that a test I specifically asked for was not done. Yes, I remember that we had this discussion about the test probably not being necessary at this time. But I said that I wanted it done anyway, and I told the doctor that, and she reluctantly agreed. I don't understand why a doctor would try to talk someone out of a test, much less why the test wasn't done after it was agreed on, however reluctantly. And I specifically mentioned the test again when the blood was being drawn. Apparently, it wasn't done, and the doctor remembers the discussion quite differently.

I'm a bit ticked at the doctor, and I'm a bit ticked at my husband cause he didn't back me up this morning. He knows I insisted on the test, he was there, we had discussed how I was going to have the test done this year since the other doctors talked me out of it last time. But today he just nodded when the doctor reminded us that she had said it was unnecessary at this time.

They were supposed to do an extra test for my husband, and they didn't mention that, and again he just nodded. And they must have done extra tests on me (not ones that I asked for), cause they asked for another sample that they didn't get from him. So now I'm wondering what that was for. Unless maybe they were just checking to see if I was pregnant. Not really worried about that one at the moment. Wonder if high blood pressure medicine lowers your sex drive?

Yesterday I went to vote on the board of directors thing. I ended up voting for two of the old guys. That is, I voted for two of the old guys as opposed to new guys, not old guys as opposed to young guys. And I ended up voting for the exterminator who wants a basketball court, even though I really do not want a basketball court. It was either vote for him, or vote for a lady who didn't send out flyers, or vote against both of them. That is the way the ballot is, you cross out the name of the person you don't want instead of maybe circling the name of the person you do want. So I could have just marked out both names, but I didn't. Maybe that was a mistake. I wanted a mix of old people who want to leave things alone and new people who want to improve things, but I just don't want a basketball court to be one of the improvements.

Anyway, I don't know who won the elections. There's a new website, but there's nothing on it. I had hoped that maybe the election results would be on it this morning, cause that would be a good thing to get it started with, but there's nothing there. So I don't know if the results are posted at the office, or if someone will send out more flyers, or if we are just supposed to get it from the rumor mill. I don't remember what happened last year, but I really had other things on my mind last year. I'm not even sure I voted.


evil-e said...

I do not do soda anymore, it just messed with the stomach too much.

The best diet is the one you are happiest with. If you have to be miserable to be "healthy" then what good is it?

Babybull40 said...

Most drugs when researcehd will tell you what the side effects will cause.. Such as any type of anti-depressant can lower your sex drive... and I'm sure alot of other drugs out there can cause similar problems.. it's like "winning the battle but not the war".. I hope it all turns out for you in the long run. there is also homeopathic remedies that help with those issues..

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I'm a diet coke addict - I really need to go on some kind of eliminatin diet...