Saturday, June 02, 2007

Notice to shoppers

Let's see. Dollar Tree now has a frozen food section, and they're selling Kemp's Cookies and Scream ice cream. It's like Cookies and Cream ice cream, except that it's made with the orange and black Oreos for Halloween. So, if you missed Halloween in April and would like to try Halloween in June, go to Dollar Tree and buy some Kemp's Cookies and Scream ice cream. Or, if you're going to have guests who are color-blind, you could give some to them.

Also at Dollar Tree are color T-shirts, boys size large 14-16. A lot of them are safety orange color. So if you have a kid that you want to look like a traffic cone this summer, you should go grab a few.

But really what I wanted to do was remind everyone that Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale starts next week. Now, if you live under a rock and don't know what Bath & Body Works is, it's this place that sells soap and hand lotion and that sort of thing. Most of the stuff smells really awesome. So you try some orange peel scented lotion, and then spearmint/eucalyptus one, and the a strawberry-banana one, and if it's October there is a pumpkin pie flavor, and when Christmas is coming there is an evergreen scented thing. In a very short time both of your arms are covered with little dots of various scented lotions, and you end up smelling like a fruit salad spilled on a Christmas tree.

I'm just not into the whole shopping thing the way that I once was. But I do like Bath & Body Works. They have these home fragrance plug-in things called Wallflowers. I like those. The really funny thing is if you buy that or something else from Bath & Body Works it's a cool thing and you can get it for someone as a gift, and that's nice. But if you buy a similar product somewhere else, like maybe a Glade product, then it's an insult.

The sale starts Monday or Tuesday. You should go and buy a bunch of stuff when it's on sale. You could get some of your Christmas shopping done early. And you can buy extra stuff, just in case you forgot someone. And then you can buy some more stuff for yourself. And they will probably give you a coupon at check-out, so if whatever you really wanted wasn't on sale this week, you can come by after the sale and buy more stuff with the coupon. See?


AlienCG said...

I get about three 20% off coupons each week from Bath & Body Works. Most likely it's from the previous homeowners. I don't go there because I don't want to smell like a fruit salad dumped over a Christmas Tree.

laughingattheslut said...

Must be a guy thing.

Go eat some ice cream instead.

dmarks said...

It's a guy thing, all right.

The entire "far end" of the mall where I never go to smells like a fruit salad spilled on a Christmas tree. Because of a B&BW there.

Yes, it is a guy thing. I'm fine to go there once a year, when there are a lot of guys there righ before Christmas. You can get gifts there for a low cost, and they go over well.

Babybull40 said...

The wall scents that plug in have been known to cause house fires...Thought I'd tell ya.. They are still nice to have and keep everything smelling fresh.. I don't buy them anymore...cause of the fire risk..