Tuesday, June 05, 2007

More stuff about yesterday

It rained a lot yesterday. I went outside to check on the pump that keeps the house from flooding, and everything seemed okay. Then it rained some more, and the pump didn't come on when it was supposed to, and a little bit of water came into the house. Not enough that I noticed it, but my husband saw it when he came home. My husband rushed outside before I had a chance to talk to him about it, and he was pulling the pump out of the hole to turn the thing on and then had to get the thing back in the hole without tipping it over. I've figured out not to do that. Most of the time you can reach in with a garden tool and get the thing working again.

We had to go out again for a bit to check on the thing again, but there's no damage in the house. There was just this tiny bit of water right next to the wall. I didn't even bother to do anything about it.

But while my husband was outside one of the neighbors asked if I could come outside. This woman isn't my favorite person. She wants to talk a lot and I don't think that we have much in common other than the place we both live. But we have been talking a lot lately, because of the elections. So I go outside thinking that she's going to give me an update on that situation.

Instead she's asking me if I can come to her house for a moment.

Okay, just let me get my shoes back on.

So I'm mostly still thinking that this has something to do with the elections. Maybe she got another mysterious letter and wanted to show it me. Or maybe she wants to show me something else, or maybe it has something to do with her dog.

Anyway, she's saying how embarrassed she is to bother me with this, but there's a big frog on her porch, and she's afraid of the thing.

A frog big enough to scare a grown woman? I've got to see this.

But, when we get to her place, there is no frog. And it is dark and there are big puddles of rain everywhere, so I can't go looking for this frog. That's too bad. Not that looking for frogs is a big deal to me anymore, but I did like doing that as a child and I still stop and look at them once in a while.

She wants to know what I'd do if I found the frog.

I'd take him back to my place.

What for?

He can hang out, eat mosquitoes, stuff like that.

You'd pick him up?

Sure. If I can catch him. He's not going to hurt me.

Are you sure it's okay to pick them up?

The worst that will happen is that he'll get scared and pee on me. I'm not worried about it.

Can he get in my house?

I don't think so, unless maybe you have the door propped open and he's maybe chasing a cricket.

What do I do if he comes in my house?

The dog will probably bark at him and he'll turn around and hop back out.

But he can't get in otherwise?

I don't see how.

Okay. I've got to take some things into the house. Could you hang around while I get stuff out of the car?


So I'm standing outside this woman's house just in case this giant frog leaps out at her, but I'm pretty sure he's in her backyard hiding behind the lawnmower. Then the woman is offering to give me something for helping her out.

You don't need to do that. I really did want to see this giant frog.

But she keeps taking stuff into the house, and then she gets some stuff out of the truck, and I see this big bag from Bath & Body Works. I didn't get to go to the sale yesterday, cause spent a lot of the day waiting for the A/C guy, and I didn't want to go out in the rain after that. I asked her if the store was very crowded.

It was okay. Here, this is shower gel. Do you like this one?

Sure. My sister uses this kind.

I think it smells good. I'll be right back.

She goes in the house and comes back out with two hand soaps.

Do you like these?

Sure. I like all that stuff.

You can have those.

You want to give me all this?


I don't need you to give me stuff. It's okay.

No, you keep those. We'll talk later.

Okay. Good-night.

So this lady gave me like twenty dollars worth of stuff, even if she did get it on sale and only spent seven dollars. But this seems a bit weird to me. I just thought she was going to give me a cookie or a cupcake or something. I didn't do anything. It wasn't even like running off a barking dog or anything like that. It was just a frog, and he was already gone before I got there.


Babybull40 said...

I have never met anyone scared of frogs before.. especially giant ones..Maybe if she wasn't scared of it she could kiss it and it would turn into a prince that would scare off future frogs...
That was nice of her to give you that B&BW's goodies...

dmarks said...

I know someone who has a phobia about butterflies.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

I am terribly afraid of frogs! Insects, rodents and animals for that matter! EEEIIIKKKK!!!

Maybe she felt guilty for making you come over there.

Tara said...

What exactly does she think that frog is going to do to her? Sheesh. Well maybe the reason she gave you all that stuff is because you answered some of her questions and put her mind more at ease. I've had a lady offer me tranquilizers because she knew my mom and I were stressed about something. She had a whole bunch of relaxers and she was willing to share them.