Monday, September 10, 2007

I know that it's Monday, but

I don't especially feel like writing a Monday Morons post today. The big moron this week is my husband, or maybe it's me for putting up with him, but in either case I don't feel like writing about it. And the other thing that I had decided to write about earlier just doesn't seem worth writing about at the moment. Maybe later when I have more on the subject to write about.

When I started the Monday Morons thing, I said that if I ever had a Monday that I didn't have anything else to write about that I would write about the Homewrecking slut. But I don't feel like doing that today either. Maybe later.

I have noticed that lately I haven't been writing much during the week. I write Monday Morons, and then I write Freaky Friday, and there aren't many posts in between. If I have something good to write about the weekend, I tend to put it off until Tuesday so that I can write Monday Morons, and then sometimes by the time Tuesday gets here I don't bother with it. So there's Monday Morons and Freaky Friday, and those posts don't really say anything positive.

So I'm going to write about my weekend instead. Actually, I've already written about most of it. Friday involved a lot of shopping, and coupons for Bath & Body Works, and lunch at Jason's Deli. Not much happened on Saturday.

Sunday we spent fifty dollars on a brunch buffet. Now that's something we just don't do. We wouldn't just go someplace that was going to cost fifty dollars unless it was a special occasion, or we had a coupon, or someone else was paying. But about a month ago my husband was reading this foodie magazine, and he read about this place, which wasn't that far away. So we were planning to go.

Except that he couldn't remember the address. And he couldn't remember the name of the place. And he lost the magazine.

So Friday when he wanted to go to lunch, I asked if he wanted to go to this place in Arlington, but he still couldn't find the magazine or remember the name of the place. Just wandering up and down the street in hopes of finding the place didn't seem like a good idea, so we headed for Jason's Deli instead. Jason's Deli is in a shopping center with a Half-Price Books and the Sluts R Us store, along with a lot of other stores and some other restaurants. And I asked if he wanted to try one of the other restaurants instead, and he looked around and said that he didn't know what most of them were, so we might at well go to Jason's Deli like we'd planned.

On Sunday, he managed to find the name of the restaurant and the address and so forth. And it was the restaurant in that same shopping center, on the other side of the Sluts R Us store.

So of we went to Olenjacks Grille. But when we got there, they were mostly having this Sunday brunch thing. And if you didn't want the Sunday brunch thing, you couldn't order stuff off the regular menu except soup or a sandwich. The buffet seemed rather expensive, especially since you don't get to take home leftovers, but we decided to do it just this once.

I skipped most of the breakfast stuff. I didn't go to the expensive restaurant to eat bacon and sausage and such. But I did have a bite of the cinnamon toast with blueberries and strawberries. And I had the white cheddar grits with poblano peppers and corn. Both of those were really good.

There were also Buffalo ribs, which my husband really liked but I did not care for. And there were collards or mustard greens or something like that, which are still not that great even in a nice restaurant, but I decided to try it anyway. There were two different pastas with shrimp, and I liked the one that I tried. There was a boneless pork-chop covered with sausage and onions and such.

And there were several salads. My favorite was tuna. This is not the kind of tuna salad that you make with Chicken of the Sea and mayo or Tuna Helper. This was avocado and cilantro and cucumbers and tomato, and some tuna that maybe wasn't dead yet. Add some rice and seaweed, and you could make sushi with it. Not something that I would normally eat, but very interesting.

Then there was the dessert table. I cannot tell you everything that was on the dessert table. I cannot even tell you everything that I tried. I had a couple of things that were very good, but I'm not sure what they were. I also had chocolate chip cookies, a brownie, and some cheesecake. The brownie and the cheesecake were good, but they were a bit much for me after all the other stuff I had.

I really wanted to go back and get more grits and try the other shrimp salad, but I new that we were both already close to the "I've eaten too much and I'm going to be sick" stage. So it was time to go.

The sad thing about eating at a buffet is that you can't take home leftovers. But the good thing about not having to take home leftovers is that you can immediately go shopping.

So we went to the mall to walk off some of the calories. I got more stuff from Bath & Body Works. And then we looked around at some other stuff. We thought about ice cream or smoothies, but decided it was still too soon after lunch.

Then I went to Sears for some more on-sale undies. I'd been there earlier, but I hadn't bought anything bright red. I don't think that I look especially good in bright red. But then I got the little red riding hood idea, so I need lots of bright red stuff. And now that I've bought half of the costume, I guess I'm mostly committed to wearing it.

Next we went to a bookstore, and then headed home.

On Sundays we usually go to my brother's place at about eight to watch The 4400. But last night was the club dinner, so I said I'd probably be a bit late. Too many of us showed up, and six of them had to sit at another table. And that was without about four people who always go to the club dinner but weren't there this time. And the pilot wasn't there, which wasn't a shock or anything, and K wasn't there, because K is never there on a Sunday because she's already depressed that it is almost Monday. Whatever.

So I really didn't feel much like eating, so I after I finished my soup I went to talk to the six at the other table. Then we sang happy birthday to "Mom" who is like eighty-five or something. One of my other buddies at the table also had a birthday this month, and he started to say something, and I'm like do you really want the ice cream bad enough to have the embarrassing song and such that goes with it? They were nice enough to "Mom", but that's just cause she's old. The rest of us might not be so lucky.

Then I almost left in time to get home by eight, but then I was talking to one of the newbies after dinner and it was eight-thirty before I got home.

But they weren't mad that I was late. They didn't even care that I was late. The Cowboys were on, and they cancelled the whole watch The 4400 bit.

I hate the Cowboys. I don't care for football or sports in general, but it is the Cowboys that interfere with life here.

Actually, right now I hate the computer more, but the computer is here all of the time and I know to expect problems because of it. I forget about the Cowboys and such for a while, and then they are back to screw things up when I'm not expecting it.

My eyes are still bothering me. If I tape one of my lids shut I don't wake up in terrible pain, but it's still annoying anyway.

Anyway, I was having a nice weekend, but now life sucks again.


The Diva's Thoughts said...

(((HUG))) I am so sorry life sucks right now. I wish there was something I could do.

laughingattheslut said...

I think it's just mostly Monday. "Monday" doesn't usually happen to us around here until Tuesday, but this week it came early. And it's bad enough to have to deal with "Monday" but it just especially sucks when it comes early and you're short a day off or something.

And the eyes and a few things like that are often a bother, whether or not it's "Monday."

Babybull40 aka Big Hairy Woman said...

"Sluts R Us" that's a good one... Mondays are the beginning of a very long week.. How I long for weekends....