Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I have a sick headache

Today sucks a bit. Something happened to the computer last night. I'm sure it was my husband's fault. My husband broke the computer. This morning there was no FireFox and Explorer couldn't connect with anything.

Anyway, he spent most of the morning trying to fix it. It now appears to be fixed, but it has seemed that way before. He fixed it and then was online for a while and then it wasn't working again. And then he fixed it again, but that didn't help. So then he really did this totally start from scratch thing, which seems to have done the job, but it is all a bit annoying.

This thing keeps popping up warning me about all the evil things that are going to happen to my computer if I don't sign up with their service. It just will not go away. The other really annoying thing is that when you totally have to start over from scratch you lose your Google searches and such. And I seem to have lost a few people, most of which are found now, except for Elephant Girl. Apparently, this is a more common name than I had thought.

Then, for some reason, Hotmail doesn't work. It says something like--done, with errors on page. The error on page being that the page is mostly blank and there is no place to sign in.

Everything seems to be just a little bit off. Everything looks a little different. I can't find spell check, stuff like that.

This morning I tried to go without caffeine. Or, at least, I mostly tried to go without caffeine. I've been wanting to cut back on caffeine and sugar and such for a while now, and I thought maybe today was the day. Bad idea.

I forgot what day of the month this was. Definitely a bad day to decide to go without caffeine. Probably a bad day to decide to get out of bed in general.

Guba doesn't seem to work. Hulu works, but not full screen. When I go to full screen it sort of slows down to a slide show instead of a movie. Weird.

I remember we used to read this stuff about the costume makers of the original Star Trek having problems with the censors. They were allowed to show the top of a girl's breast almost down to the nipple, but they could show the navel or the underside of a girl's breast. They were joking that they weren't allowed to show those parts because the censors didn't know what might be there. Maybe moss grows there.

Not moss. Heat rash maybe, but I don't see any moss. Anyway, it's not pretty. Just as well the censors got their way.

I had to go to the store for a bit, and I ran into the frog lady. I'd rather not run into the frog lady. Not that she said anything wrong, but I just don't see us being buddy-buddy, and she does.

I'm thinking of going to the ceramics lab and collecting some of my things. I should do that sometime this week anyway. I tried to go Summer I, but the class didn't make and the place was locked up. So I need to go now, only I keep putting it off till I straighten up the living room. Who am I kidding. The living room is never going to be straightened up, so I might as well go ahead and collect my things from the lab.

Makeup. If I'm going to school, I must put on my face.

My head hurts.


dmarks said...

That popup thing you mention sounds like spyware.

And the thing about Star Trek costumes and censors sounds like it is something from "The Making of Star Trek", "The World of Star Trek", or "The Trouble with Tribbles". I've not read any of those since the mid 1970s.

No-caffeine headaches. no fun.

laughingattheslut said...

I don't remember which of those books it was. I read all of them when I was a teenager, and of course all three books were very similar. At the time they were written you thought that everyone on the show was one big happy family, and the worst thing that anybody ever even thought of doing was hiding Leonard's bicycle.