Monday, August 25, 2008

Yesterday didn't suck too bad

We started the day off with the usual watching Sunday Morning, while eating apple pie for breakfast. I don't remember anything special about the show yesterday, as most of what I liked was a rerun. After that we watched an episode of the British show, Life on Mars. After a bit of an argument about him spending too much time on the computer, we went to lunch at what was for a long time our place.

One of the reasons that this used to be our place was that it almost almost had buy one get one free coupons. So we found a coupon that was buy one get one for $2 and decided that was close enough. He had wanted to go someplace else, but the place he wanted to go didn't have food quite as good, was an all you can eat buffet (which I am trying to avoid), and in my opinion it costs too much and you don't even get to take home leftovers because it is a buffet.

So after stopping somewhere to get the paper so we'll have a coupon, we head to Campo Verde. On the way there we pass a Vietnamese place, and my husband says something about getting sandwiches there.

You must be really hungry if you want to stop for sandwiches on the way to a Mexican restaurant. Though I can totally be talked into the sandwiches instead of the restaurant since that would be a lot cheaper.

No, I meant on the way back, for later.

That's fine.

The bill came to about twenty dollars, which is almost twice what we used to pay back when this was our place. The prices have gone up, the sodas are way too much (but you have to buy two or you can't use the coupon) and the coupon is now for a $2 dinner instead a free one, so I guess it adds up. My husband rarely notices such things, and I'm sure he gets overcharged for stuff all the time when I'm not around. But this time he asked me if that was right, and I'm pretty sure that it was. So we spent almost $25 with the tip, and I feel a bit bad that I talked him out of the place he first wanted to go which would probably have been about $20. But at least it wasn't a buffet, and we have leftovers. Besides, we like the place, and we hadn't been in a while.

After that was a not very productive visit to Half-Price Books, and then we went to Thrift Town and Goodwill. Despite my recent wish that my life were not so much about things and accumulating even more things, I managed to come home with two costumes. The bad thing is that one of them is too small and will never fit me. But it was only four dollars, and I would like to try to make another one like it, so it seemed best to go ahead and get it. I only spent $4 on it, and after I'm finished looking at how it was made, I'm sure that I must know someone else who would like to have it. The other costume is sort of a back-up costume, so I'll have a simple witch outfit if I don't have the time or energy to do something else. It's a black dress with silver moons and stars and the top, and it does fit despite my recent weight gain. I already have a black cape, and I have hats (though I'm thinking that I might make another one for the occasion), and I think that I have spiderweb nylons. A corset would be nice, but not totally necessary, so I'll be on the lookout for that and as always, shoes.

Then it was home to watch more Life on Mars. We're nearly to the end of that. And then we watched Eureka and Stargate Atlantis with my brother.

At some point we got a call from his boss, and I thought it was going to be something interesting, like maybe a trip to Florida. But no, just one day of work Monday around here and then back to having no work for a week or two.


dmarks said...

Good that you have the costume business out of the way.

I got my first incoming blog search related to costumes. Someone found my blog looking for "famous adulterer costumes"

laughingattheslut said...

Oh, but I don't have the costume business out of the way at all. This is just a backup. It won't do for competition at all.

I was debating about going as either a Triffid or perhaps a Triffid victim or Vampiria. I've decided that it is probably too late to go with the Triffid idea, unless maybe a truck full of silk greenery has a wreck in front of my house. As for the Vampiria thing, I have only done a few test pieces and haven't gotten started on the costume at all. And then if I make the costume, there's still the whole thing of will I lose enough weight to actually look good in the thing. Without a medieval surgical procedure, I will never have that tiny waist anyway.

dmarks said...

I am not familiar with Vampiria, and a quick Google search only turned up some general things. However, I am familiar with Vampirella. You would not have to buy much cloth for such a costume.

laughingattheslut said...

Spelled it wrong.

It's Vampira. Now that I've spelled it right I've found lots of pictures showing the bottom of the shirt. It might be above my skill level, but I think maybe if I make some special shoes it might work.

dmarks said...

I'm not picky on spelling, but Google is. Vampiria and Vampira are both new to me, so I could not guess at which one you wanted and look up the correct one. Vampirella is the one I've known since the 1970s. I have a lifesized poster of her somewhere. The Vampira outfit looks similar to Morticia Addams.