Saturday, August 02, 2008

My mysterious waistline

Like a year and a half ago, I wrote this post about my weight. Then I wrote this other post about the one time I tried to lose weight and actually succeeded. Okay, I'll wait a bit while you read that first post, and maybe if you want you can read the second one.

You came back. Great.

Okay, so I never went back on a diet, and my weight stayed at 140 for more than a year. 130 would have been better, but I was pretty happy with the 140. 140 was enough to make most of my buddies jealous.

Anyway, since I thought I looked pretty good, I decided last year that I would celebrate by making this low-cut Halloween costume with this little skirt that just barely covered my a**. So of course I started to gain a little bit of weight right after I finished the costume. By Halloween it was a little snug, but it still fit and looked pretty good.

My husband's favorite thing is still eating out. We eat out all the damn time. We eat out even when there's food at home that I've already fixed and has to be thrown away. Eating out and going to see a few movies are the main times that we still seem like a normal couple. Most of the rest of the time he is either on the computer, or maybe once in a while we are arguing about him being on the computer.

But somehow even with all the eating out I stayed at 140 for more than a year. And then right around Halloween I started to put on a little weight. By Christmas I must have been back up to 150 or maybe 155.

I can't say that I really get obsessed about the pounds. I don't even have a bathroom scale in my house. I just notice that my clothes don't fit the way that they used to, and then maybe when I go over to Mom's I weigh myself. And then I think, no wonder nothing fits right.

But really, even when I'm worried about stuff like that, the 140 or 150 or 155 isn't really the number that counts. The size of the pants matters, so the number I'm concerned with is 11/12 or 13/14 or 15/16. So after more than a year of happily running about in size 11/12 jeans, I had to get out the size 13/14. And I wasn't too happy about that, but I never really got worried enough about it to start dieting again.

There were moments when I thought like before, that I would have this one last splurge before I started to watch what I ate. And I could figure out that if that attitude made me gain weight before it might cause me to gain weight again. But that didn't seem to happen, cause I stayed in the size 13/14 jeans and didn't need to get out anything 15/16.

I did start thinking that since I wanted to diet at some point I should go ahead and buy some stuff like diet lemonade. Of course, for the diet lemonade to do any good, I'd have to start drinking that instead of Cokes. I was still drinking plenty of Cokes, but once in a while I would have the diet lemonade instead, just to get into the habit.

So these last couple of weeks I've been thinking that my jeans were a bit loose. I didn't think that they were loose enough to switch back to the size 11/12, but I wasn't happy with the way that they looked on me. Then a couple of days ago I was going to go somewhere with my mom, and I just couldn't leave the house looking like that. I looked through my 11/12 stuff until I found a pair of 12 jeans that had enough stretch stuff in them that they fit. They were a bit tight at first, but they did feel better than what I had been wearing. And I looked a lot better in them too.

So after me and my mom went out we went back to her house for a little bit, and I decided to look and see how much weight I had lost to get me into these size 12 jeans.

And the scale says 164.

So that didn't make any damn sense. So I mentioned it to my mom, thinking that maybe she'd tell me that the bathroom scale was broken. And she said that if it was working right that she would weigh a certain amount, and her guess was only like a pound or two off. So it doesn't appear that the bathroom scale is broken.

So I don't quite understand how I've gained nine pounds and now fit into smaller pants. Still, these pants aren't small enough. What I really want to be wearing are size 9 pants. And I should try to give up the Cokes and watch what I eat anyway, regardless of how I look.


dmarks said...

I don't get it either. Check your height, getting taller would expain it!

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Did you have really heavy shoes on?

I seem to remember reading somewhere that muscle weighs more than fat.

laughingattheslut said...

The clothes and shoes were all what I would normally wear.

I don't think that I have done any extra muscle building exercise lately. In this heat we are doing as little as possible, and we don't even go for walks as often as we did. I can't remember the last time we went to the gardens in Fort Worth. We've had more than twenty days of 100+ degrees here. I am not working in the garden, except just to water the plants. I haven't finished the clay stuff that I started a while back. Really, except for playing with the computer and watching TV and doing a bit of reading, we are doing nothing that we aren't absolutely forced to do.

bulletholes said...

I have taken to drinking GreenTea...i wash my Marshmallow cookies down with it.