Thursday, August 07, 2008

More headaches

I have my 400th post coming up soon, and I haven't yet decided what I should write about. I'm sure it will be nothing that could rival either the 100th or the 300th post. Not that it will matter much. Regular readership is down now that I've decided to focus on me rather than writing stuff to make fun of other people. Also a lot of the bloggers I like have other things going on in their lives which keep them busy and don't allow for a lot of blog time. Both things are fine by me.

I do seem to have gained a reader in Australia. But he doesn't comment. Welcome, reader from Australia.

Even if I do find something brilliant to write about, I may not get to. The computer is acting up again. The screen usually filled with icons now has only six, and one of those is the recycle bin. Both of my word processors are gone, all the video players are gone, Photoshop is gone, etc....

I'm afraid my exciting plan for today included doing a bit of laundry in between watching episodes of Life on Mars. I think that they have been erased as well, which is sad since we had only watched two of them.

Life on Mars is a British show, and it isn't at all what it sounds like. It's actually about a cop, who is probably in a hospital near death, but he seems to living back in 1973, trying to solve crimes without benefit of DNA testing, cell phones, computers, and other miracles of modern science. At least one of the 1973 crimes has a connection to a case he was working on in the present time.

Speaking of British TV, I found a DVD at the library of The Eleventh Hour, episodes 1-4, starring Patrick Stewart. After watching it, this appears to be the same show that is coming here in the fall, only with different actors and produced by Chris Carter of The X-Files.

I'm sure British people do all sorts of baffling things, but until a few years ago the main thing that I questioned was their television. It makes no sense. Not that the shows themselves don't make sense, because after you get past the odd word here and there like solicitor it usually makes total sense, and most of the time it is rather good. Of course, (other than Dr. Who and Baby Spice the Dinosaur Slayer) most of it that we see here is stuff from either Masterpiece Theater or Mystery, so it would have to be good. But they don't have normal seasons. They often make only six episodes or so, and then say that's enough for this year. I'm guessing that they have the same drivel soap opera stuff as we have here, but make something good that resembles The X-Files and stars Patrick Stewart, and then they only make four of them. The still popular Faulty Towers had only about eight episodes. It makes no sense.

But it is finally August now, so in a month or so I can go back to watching regular American TV and not worry so much about downloading British stuff.

Elsewhere in the world, my friends who have money are off to Vegas, where they are buying up what is left of Quark's bar and the like. They are having a big Star Trek convention there, right before The Star Trek Experience is going to close. I have been to Vegas once, and we went to the Star Trek Experience before they added the Borg and Klingons. I have never been to an out of town convention or anything as big as what is going on in Vegas. Going to such things requires money, which requires getting a job, etc.... Of course, even if I had a job I wouldn't make enough to go to Vegas, and if I had a job I'd been stuck going to work this week instead of whatever boring thing I'll be doing around here, so I still wouldn't get to go to the convention.

Well, back to, whatever.


bulletholes said...

i hope you don't mind me saying...
You are funny in an Eeyore kind of way!

dmarks said...

Due to my situation, going to Vegas is out of the question this year.

laughingattheslut said...

Welcome, Steve Bulletholes of Fort Worth.

Since you are new here, we will forgive you.

A better compliment would have been, you're almost as funny as Marvin the Robot.

Thank you for playing.

dmarks said...

After the latest computer chaos, is your email working well again?

bulletholes said...

OK...I get about Master Cylinder and Rock Bottom?

dmarks said...

And Professor Nut-Meg and his nephew Poindexter. And who can forget Vavoom? However, I think there are very few fans of the old "Felix" cartoon around (aside from myself), and I am doubting that Laughingattheslut was one.

I just don't remember a Marvin the Robot in "Felix". I know another Marvin... the one Laughing refers to.

laughingattheslut said...

I at least recognized the Winnie the Pooh reference, just thought Marvin would fit in around here better, being into sci-fi.

These others, I don't think I know them at all.

I may be as depressed as Marvin, but I guess that I don't have a brain the size of a planet.

bulletholes said...


laughingattheslut said...

"There once was a little sausage named Baldric. The End."

A shame that they never fought the Nazis.