Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sad news, even if not so sad for me personally

I just got up this morning and I haven't done much yet except check my email and such. I got several messages that a certain person had died. I can't say that I knew this person, and I can't even say that I remember this person's name.

But I did met him about fifteen years ago, and I did know who they were talking about. He was a guy that went to all the conventions carrying around a stuffed bear with a champagne glass. The guy never had a name badge, because all the badges had the bear's name on them. The bear became somewhat famous in the area and was asked to judge costume contests and such.

Anyway, this guy has died, and I want to asked perhaps inappropriate question -- are they going to bury the bear with him?

Someday I'm going to die, and maybe people will get up and find messages that I have died, and if the name doesn't ring a bell you might remember someone who used to wear a certain costume.

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dmarks said...

As long as you don't want to be buried in your favorite costume too.

I am reminded of my friend the professional vampire who died a few years ago. I did not make the funeral, unfortunately. But I just can't help wonder if it was open casket or not? He was so famous and well known for sitting in a casket while doing his TV show.