Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Finally got up off my butt and went to the ceramics lab to pick up a few things. I didn't stay long and I didn't get much of my stuff. And I didn't get into it with anyone about my probably not coming back in the fall. I'd still like to take that Saturday only class, but so far no one has signed up for it. Doesn't look good.

Both of the Martian things cracked, but one of them might be repaired. The Sleestak head has a few minor cracks, but it looks pretty good. And the Triffid didn't turn out too bad. I couldn't find my relief dragons. Maybe I already took them home and forgot where I put them.

So I collected the broken Alien egg and three tile molds and put them in the car. And then I talked to one of my fellow students and the teacher for a bit. And then I noticed J wasn't around, so I asked about her.

Apparently I will not be seeing J again. Or, at least, it is unlikely that I will be seeing her again. She had to move. Not that she moved to another state or anything, but she's moved far enough away that she won't be going to that school anymore.

Seems that a few days after I last saw her, her boyfriend dumped her and told her to move out. There was no discussion, no fighting, nothing like that going on. She thought that everything was fine, and then he just announced that it wasn't working for him and she needed to leave.

Sounds familiar.

Different reasons though. Apparently, he needed his space. And since he got involved with an artist, the actual physical space might have been a problem. You would think that people would figure that out before they get involved with artists. But in his case it seemed to be more of the other kind of space. He didn't want to be around her all of the time. Again, you would think that people would figure this stuff out before they get involved like that. Just because you enjoy having dinner with someone doesn't mean that you should live with them.

That was one of the main reasons she was back in school. She had moved away from all of her other friends and family, and she needed to be out doing something by herself so that her boyfriend could have his space. Then after she's made ceramics such an important part of her life and signed up for classes and such, he dumps her. Great.

The three of us were supposed to have a show this year. I guess that's not going to happen.

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