Sunday, August 24, 2008

This week is probably going to suck

My husband is back home. Maybe I shouldn't have typed that first thing after I've said that this week is probably going to suck. But that isn't the point. The point is that he was supposed to come home and then we were supposed to be on our way to Oklahoma City now.

You may have noticed that I'm sitting here typing instead.

So the schedule was supposed to be a week in Oklahoma City, with the rare Monday through Friday schedule instead of the usual Tuesday through Saturday. We were supposed to be doing tourist stuff Saturday. We were supposed to spend the week at a nice place with a pool and a hot tub, where someone else takes care of breakfast and I don't have to wash dishes. Cable TV and knitting and no chores and the occasional morning out doing something that we don't normally do, or maybe a restaurant we don't usually go to, or maybe a pie from Marie Calendars, etc....

But no, there's none of that. The trip has been cancelled, and so far, it hasn't be replaced with anything. So none of that cool stuff, and no money either. A week at home when we shouldn't even spend any money because we've got just a bit now, but there won't be much coming in later.

So either we will sit here for a week and mostly do nothing, or he will get a last minute call to go someplace. So we will pack our bags and such anyway, just in case, but right now it doesn't look good.

So I will probably not be blogging much this week, either because my husband will be using the computer himself all the damned time, or, if we're very lucky, because we get a last minute call to go to another district and spend the week in Arkansas or Kansas or whatever.

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