Saturday, April 18, 2009

Billy Mummy will NOT be in Dallas this weekend

Okay, he wasn't going to be in Dallas anyway, he was going to be in Richardson. Close enough. Anyway, I just read that he isn't going to be at the Sci Fi Expo this weekend because of some family emergency. So I hope that whatever it is isn't too bad.

As for the fans who wanted to meet him, try again in August.

Me, I had already decided that I wasn't going anyway. I hate Dallas. And I hate going to a lot of near Dallas because it pretty much means driving through Dallas. So after a month or so of thinking about it, I decided not to go, even to meet Billy Mummy. And for me that would have been the main reason to go. Sure meeting all those other people would have been nice, but the main thing for me would have been seeing Billy Mummy.

Hey, look, Tony Todd. How did I miss that the first time?

No, still not going. Not for Billy Mummy and Tony Todd. So definitely not going now that Billy Mummy isn't going to be there.

So, why am I posting this?

For some reason, this was where some people first heard about the whole Fedcon disaster, so I thought that I should post Billy Mummy's cancellation, and the fact that some of the other guests might be late (Michael Hogan's flight was delayed), etc.... But these little things happen, so it's not really like Fedcon at all.


Ananda girl said...

Gee, I hope it works out well for Billy's family. My favorite Twilight Zone is the one where he wishes everyone into the corn field.
The re-make wasn't as good.

dmarks said...

I have been a big fan of him because of "Lost in Space" AND "Babylon 5". With him on the guest list, this convention was one that it would have been great to go to, if we had the money.

Without him on the list... much less so.

His web site is here

dmarks said...

I saw a Texas comedian yesterday. He also didn't make it, and got there quite late due to Houston plane delays. It must be the same thing that nearly "frakked" Michael Hogan's appearance in DFW.

I would avoid flying through Houston. Even if nice people there buy you free chili dogs.