Thursday, April 09, 2009

Now that I have the computer back...

Okay, so my husband has gone out of town again to work the rest of this week's schedule. I won't get as much done in three days as I might have done in six, but we'll see if I get something done.

Today I will not be doing as much gardening stuff as I hoped, because I woke up with a bit of a backache. And it doesn't make any sense. I didn't do anything yesterday that would account for it. And I didn't do anything the day before yesterday that would explain it either. I didn't do that much stuff even Monday. I felt fine yesterday and the day before. We didn't even do that much to get tired. We only went out for two or maybe three hours, just to have lunch and do a little bit of shopping. We did not dig holes or move dirt or cut the grass or lift heavy stuff or buy bags of sand or move furniture. I have no idea what is wrong with me.

My mom called earlier this week and said that she wanted to take me to dinner. I don't want to go. I do not want to have dinner with my mother or talk to my mother or even call her back to tell her that I don't want to go. It will be the same old thing. I'm quite tired of it. At this point the main reason I even return her calls is just to make sure that she isn't calling to say that someone is in the hospital. If we are around other people, she will mostly behave herself, but one on one time with my mom always ends with yelling and crying and such.

She can't be avoided forever, but I am hoping to avoid her at least for the next three days.

Except for one pepper plant that looks almost dead, the rest of the garden plants are starting to look pretty good. A couple of squashes have sprouted, and I'm starting to see tiny little carrot sprouts and beet sprouts and a few radishes here and there. The tomatoes and herbs seem happy.

That doesn't mean that the garden is finished. I have a few things left to plant, and the rest of the backyard is a total mess. There are still big mounds of dirt to deal with. I had planned to get some of that done today, but now it doesn't seem like a good idea.

Now I have gone out to Home Depot and bought a few things. I have replaced the damaged pepper plant. I also got two bags of mulch (which are a bit heavy, but not so much as bags of sand), and had some lumber cut. I used the lumber and some hardware cloth to make a sort of screen to sift out rocks and lumps of clay out of the soil. My back still aches a bit, but maybe it will get better and I can get started on that soil tomorrow.

Now there are several wildfires in the general area, and a really major one in Oklahoma. I don't think that any of them are going cause problems for anyone I know, but they are large enough that there is smoke outside. I heard the one in Oklahoma was twenty-five miles long.

I've found an Outer Limits episode I was looking for on Hulu. They started with ten, but there are thirty-one now.

Two more days to myself.


Ananda girl said...

Hey, glad you're back. I only have my dad left. He is not fond of me. All my other sisters and brother are much better people. They all live far away. So I am "IT".

Wild fires are scary. We had one here about 5 years ago and it literally burned to the edge of the street across from my house and stopped thanks to many fire departments that came to our rescue. It melted my mail box.
The smoke was the worst part. Be sure to keep your lungs and eyes safe.

What Otter Limits episode?

laughingattheslut said...

I haven't seen Final Appeal, which is a two-part sequel to Stitch In Time. It's just a clip show, but even a clip show on the Outer Limits is usually good.

My dad died like five years ago. My mom won't leave me alone about Grandma, and to me the subject was closed four years ago. Then she kept talking about dad's death over and over again. Now with the problems I'm having with my husband she talks about that, and she just doesn't get it, and she compares that to the normal problems she and dad had. I have told her to stop, and even used the F word once, and the next time we talk she somehow manages to talk about the same three things all over again.

dmarks said...

Time to make a call down to Oklahoma.

Ananda girl said...

Stitch in time... is that the one where the woman makes the time machine and they put her on trial? Or is that both in a nutshell?

I wonder if that's what inspired Time Cop?

My dad got much worse after my mom died 10 years ago... but I was her favorite and that bugs the heck out of him. She wanted me to have her diamond ring when she died, but he gave it to my nephew. He thought that since I was poor that I might hock it. I could not have hocked it. It was a thing that was important to me only because it was hers.

laughingattheslut said...

Final Appeal is where they put the woman on trial for building the time machine. Stitch in Time was the earlier episode where she built the time machine to hunt down serial killers.

This morning I still smell smoke, and none of the eight fires that have now been on the news were in either my county or any of the ones next to it.

dmarks said...

Speaking Oklahoma, do you ever go to the Tulsa Trek Expo? The guest list this year looks great, at least to me.

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

I got a boxed set of Ray Harryhausen DVDs a while ago. Earth vs. the Flying Saucers is one of my favourites, the photography is so good it's just beautiful to look at.

All done without CGI too.

laughingattheslut said...

I will not be going to the Tulsa event this year. I never get to go to the Tulsa event, as I do not have the money for motels and such.

As it is now, I doubt that I will be going to Dallas this coming weekend to see Billy Mummy. And I still have nothing to wear next month's events, though I did try to fix that yesterday by bidding on some stuff on ebay.

The usual bunch that goes to Tulsa is going again, and they are quite happy with the guest list.

dmarks said...

Well, my brother is not going to the one in Dallas or Tulsa either.