Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What kind of chair is this?

So I was looking at the little bit of my garden that seems to be doing okay, except that two of my herbs have died. And that's weird cause one of them lived outside with another plant in a pot all winter, but then I put it into the ground and give it more space, and it dies. The other one didn't look so good when I bought it, so that wasn't much of a surprise when it died.

So I was thinking that I should go and buy another plant to replace the dead one, but I never remember to get it when I'll already out doing stuff. Today I had planned to work on a costume (after I watched Fringe), but then my mom called. Now, this is the most pleasant conversation I have had with my mother in a very long time, but I guess that I still just don't want to talk to her that much. She said that she didn't want me to be mad at her about something, and that we can talk about plans, but I'm just not ready to do that after what she said the last time. So we didn't talk about it, and we spent a couple of hours talking, mostly about nothing.

Okay, I mostly listened to her talk about nothing.

So then it is like five o'clock, and I don't think I'm going to get any work done on that costume, so I might as well go and get that plant. I just needed to get something done, and that was the shortest thing on my list.

So I am at a nearby plant place that is small and independent. They don't have the best selection, and they don't have the best prices, but I will say that they are nice and mark each individual plant instead of just saying that this tray is this plant, and then you end up with a totally different plant because somebody moved them around.

So I am at the plant place, just to get this one herb plant, and I guess it doesn't matter that I can get less expensive plants somewhere else if I'm only going to buy one then it doesn't make that much difference. But I look around some, just in case there is something else that I need, and I find a pepper plant that I do not have. So that's two plants. So that's two plants that together cost me almost four dollars, but that's okay, cause it isn't worth the trouble of driving somewhere else to save a dollar or so.

And then when I am looking around at the other plants, I see this wooden chair, and it is a little wooden chair more the size for a child than for an adult. And there is a hole cut into the seat of the chair, and there's a planter stuck in the chair.

Well, maybe that looks really cute when there's actually a plant growing in it, but my first thought was that it looked a whole lot like a potty chair.

I would not like a wooden potty chair. I might get splinters.

Anyway, so I paid for my two plants, and on the way out I saw a little table that also had a hole and a planter stuck in it. So maybe a couple of chairs with planters around a table with a planter might not look so bad, especially once the plants are actually growing in them. But just one chair off by itself just makes me think....

That just looks like a potty chair.

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Ananda girl said...

The "potty chair" makes me laugh. In the town to the left of us there is a business that has a couple of real toilets on each side of their door... with, you guessed it, plants growing in them. They still look like toilets to me and worse yet, are sort of a mauve set of toilets. I don't even know who would buy mauve toilets, let alone use them as planters. It really makes you wonder where people get their bright ideas. Ha.

My dad can talk endlessly about things that are mind-numbing and then repeat them all over and over. He is unhappy so he says a lot of bigoted stuff. Like everyone is getting a free ride but him. Is it age or unhappiness that makes elderly people go whack-o? I don't know. But at least this time your mom wasn't hurtful. Just boring.