Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some thoughts, most of which are not about gardening

After getting about three or four hours sleep and then spending another three or four hours trying to get back to sleep, I finally give up and come in here to finish yesterday's post.

This morning I am craving sweet sticky rice. This is really odd because a.) I have only had sweet sticky rice once, and b.) I don't remember being especially fond of the stuff.

I have had it with my husband a.) not doing what I want, and b.) actually having the nerve to tell me what I do and do not want.

Saturday we went to the drugstore and returned with a twenty dollar bag of assorted pain meds and a tube of muscle rub. Why is it that many of the products especially marketed for body aches are in powdered form? They do not seem to contain significantly different ingredients than the pills marketed for headaches. In any case, I do seem to be mostly well now, though that is temporary, as I will feel bad again soon after the weather will permit serious gardening.

About three weeks ago I was trying to watch what I was eating and watch what I was spending, and I was feeling better, and I may have lost a few pounds. And then that all went out the window. My husband wanted me to go have lunch with some of his co-workers, and we've pretty much been eating out since then. So we have been eating out a lot, often at buffets and places where I eat too much or something that is not good for me, and I haven't been eating my yogurt or much in the way of vegetables. I'm not saying that I'm sick, just that I don't really feel that great either.

The computer just ate a very long email I wrote. I'm wondering if I should rewrite it. I'm wondering if I even can rewrite it.

I really liked blogging for a while, but now sometimes I only do it cause I have to sit here for a few hours in the morning and try to be quiet. I hate trying to be quiet. I would much rather go back to bed and watch reruns of Star Trek. Sometimes when I do that I actually go back to sleep. Not going to go back to sleep by sitting here blogging.

Still wanting that rice dessert.

Yesterday was a nice day, but I hardly got anything done. It will probably rain again on Thursday and Friday.

I hate fire ants. I'm not too fond of other ants either.

I do not like getting old and not being able to sleep all night. By contrast I did not mind so much being a teenager who couldn't fall asleep at a reasonable time, because that just meant I got more reading done.


Ananda girl said...

I have never had sticky rice. But I love rice in all its forms.

I hate ants. Fire ants are awful. When my nephew was little, he sat on a nest and the poor thing had to be hosed off. It was terrible. They left huge bumps.

I often am up at all hours and have at least one manic night each month where it's no use to try to sleep. I do a lot of writing. Reading used to help, now I'm too agitated to read on those nights.
I have always been this way.

Ananda girl said...

I had another thought. I am diabetic, so I have to watch what I eat. Before I knew I was diabetic, I felt awful and sluggish. Once I changed my diet, I felt so much better. What you eat can really affect you.

I use that trick of asking for a to-go box as soon as I get my food and putting half of it inside the box before I eat anything. I know, not a new idea and at some places you can't do it... like buffet style. The diabetes forces me to be much more restricting of my intake. Now it's automatic but it was a fight to get here.

dmarks said...

The ants invaded last week.