Thursday, April 02, 2009

A catch-up post

It has been almost a week since I posted anything. Last Friday I went to lunch with my husband and some people he works with. Some of them couldn't make it, so there was talk of me going out again to have lunch with a slightly different group of people maybe in a week or two. But so far there are no real plans for that.

And I think that I am all done with the medical stuff for a while, except that at some point I have to schedule a mammogram. Those are fun. Not. Anyway, I have yet to go and get lab results or anything, but I doubt that it is anything really bad. The blood pressure was normal, so I have to think that the quack from three years ago was pretty much just that. I'm an average and slightly overweight woman with no real problems that one can fix with pills. I just have to go and get that in writing once a year so that they will give me birth control pills and I can try to go about life as a mostly normal person.

So I was going to do this dollar a day thing for a while, except for going to that lunch on Friday. So I went back to my usual on Saturday, only to have my husband come home that night and not want soup for dinner. So we were off to Whataburger. And then Sunday I pointed out that the paper had coupons for Spaghetti Warehouse, not meaning that we should use them that day, but only that he should put them away for later. But he had to work on Sunday, which is a rare thing, and when he came home he thought that dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse was just a great idea. Okay. So off we went. And then on Monday we went to Fort Worth and places in that direction, where we already had plans to eat at a certain Mexican restaurant. Tuesday we didn't eat out for lunch or dinner, but we did manage to go out for ice cream sundaes. Monday and Tuesday we had cheese and olives and such for dinner, after we must have bought seven different kinds of cheese and stuff to go with cheese while we were in Fort Worth.

Today, after watching TV shows that I had taped last night, we went to a Chinese buffet. He needed consoling after the ending of Life on Mars or something.

So I haven't been doing the dollar a day thing. I've eaten way too much food. Not just too much in the sense that we're spending too much, and not just too much in the sense that I'll never lose weight at this rate. But today I've maybe eaten too much in the sense that I don't feel so good at the moment. I'm just sitting around watching TV and such.

Not that I could go out and garden. Not today anyway. Saturday I got a lot done, knowing that we were going to go to several plant places on Monday. I didn't quite get finished on Sunday, but I thought that I could do most of the rest of a certain area on Tuesday. Monday night there was a thunderstorm, which did damage north of us but did not cause us any problems. Except that everything got wet, and I can't do anything in the mud. So I had to wait for things to dry out a bit, and then I got some work done on Wednesday.

So I would have thought that today would be a good day to do some stuff, and then plant most of what we bought before it rains tonight or tomorrow. Only today it is just to windy to do anything, which means that not only will I not have stuff planted before it rains, but I will have to wait again for stuff to dry before I can do anything else in the garden.

It's a bit annoying, but it just refuses to rain when I would schedule it.

As for the work schedule, it looks like I won't be going out of town soon. I won't be going to Houston, and now I won't be going anywhere else either. The schedule was two days in Texarkana and then a day off and then a day in a small town a bit east of here. There was briefly talk of going to a quartz mine in Hot Springs, but we decided that was too much driving around to do in one day in addition to the actual work of digging up quartz. Still, we were thinking that I might go to either Texarkana or the other place, just to get out for a couple of days. But now three days have been added to the schedule, and I don't think that I should follow him here there and everywhere for a whole week, and having him drive all the way back here on his one day off doesn't seem like a great idea either. It's better if he just drives to the next place and spends the day watching cable or maybe taking photos of a lake or something.

So that's about it. Nothing really exciting going on here, just me going between trying to work in the garden to then sitting around watching TV cause I can't go out in this weather and I'm just not up to facing housework yet.


Ananda girl said...

It's funny how food can do that to you. Such an uncomfortable feeling. But the eating out part sounded nice. I love to go out, but we pay out of my wallet when we do. I pay because we are separated. I think that I should. I just don't like that part. ha.

Our weather will not cooperate either. It's been raining for days now and I am sick of it. A cold rain. I cannot do a thing in my yard either. I feel your frustration. Sunday is supposed to be glorious... we'll see.

I have tomorrow off... yeah. It will rain too. Boo. Otherwise nothing is happening around here. Maybe it's the time of year and I just don't recall it being so boring. Well, hope your week spices up a bit somehow. The idea of digging quarts sounded fun to me. So does travel. But not when it's mostly sitting in a motel alone. I'd rather stay home too.

dmarks said...

We only saw sporadic episodes of "Life on Mars"..... and from what we've read we're glad we missed the final episode.

laughingattheslut said...


Most of the last episode was actually good, it's just that the ending seemed to come from nowhere, and those of us who had seen the original "knew" what the ending was going to be, and this wasn't it. I didn't think that it was really such a terrible ending, just that there didn't seem to be much leading up to it, not so many hints as the UK did with theirs.

laughingattheslut said...


It is interesting that you think that you have to pay when your husband takes you to dinner. I don't know your situation, maybe you should, maybe you shouldn't. I don't even know why you are separated. Point me to some blog posts if you want me to know.

I get comments from people who think I should get away from my husband since I am "only with him because of the money." I was going to direct you here--
but it turns out that my rant on that subject is buried between stuff about jobs and art. But still, I don't get how people go on about me using my husband for his money. While we are married, it is not his money, it is our money. Still, he has control of the money, which is why we are going to dinner instead of saving the money or doing more practical things with it. If we were not married, he would still owe me, so I still wouldn't be paying for dinner. Rather odd idea that you should stop spending a guy's money or give back gifts after he's done something wrong. If he hadn't done anything wrong for you to end the relationship, you would have both the money or gift and a good husband or boyfriend, but after you find out that you don't have a good husband or boyfriend you are also supposed to lose the stuff that comes with having a husband or boyfriend? Hardly gives a guy reason to be a good person in the first place, if he saves money and has gifts returned for being bad.

Ananda girl said...

Oh! I didn't know that people said that to you about money. I don't judge about things like that. I don't know poo about anyone else's situation but my own. I tend to think in terms of myself when I blab. I do not want to hear how I cost him money or how I use him. He's into mental and verbal battle and I am cautious beyond belief so as not to give him an in. He makes me insane when he picks at things. I cannot deal with it. I try to prevent anything objectionable from coming up. Once he crosses a line and my temper flairs, we have epic verbal assaults that leave me bloody mentally and I cannot deal.

The reason that I pay is because he has no money, and any money he gets goes to the great state of Oregon for fees, fines, etc. As well as much of my own money that I cannot really afford to give to them, but life is hard when they don't get what they want and I am legally responsible until I get papers filed. Money doesn't belong to him (or me)to the state's way of thinking. I will see if I can find a post that explains some of this.

Please do not ever think that I would presume to judge you on any matter of your life. People do what they can handle and what is right for them personally. Some of us get lucky and have sweet lives, others are tested. I can only hope to bluff my way through my own test and wish all others the greatest luck with their test!

One of the things I like most about insidious truth is that you are a normal person with normal people problems. I find blogs with glorious wonderful life to feel false. Yours does have a ring of truth. I like that very much.

Ananda girl said...

Okay laughingattheslut... I've put a post on my blog that tells all my ugly history truth and shame. :-'

laughingattheslut said...

That was nice of you to do that. You didn't have to. I just thought that if you'd already written about that stuff you could give me the links.