Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Saturday by myself

It finally does not smell of smoke outside. Or maybe I am just noticing it less. Outside I smell plants and dirt.

I have spent most of my time fixing up last year's hastily dug garden bed. I am using my new screen to sift out the rocks and weeds and large lumps of clay. Unfortunately, I have sifted out a a lot of earthworms. I have put them back, but I'm afraid that after such rough treatment that they might die anyway. I suppose that a few dead bugs are good for the soil too, but not as good as live earthworms. Anyway, it is a lot of work, and not the most pleasant work either. I quickly tire of it and go inside to rest for about an hour. So while I worked on it most of yesterday, I am still not finished. I feel awful, but I don't have that much left to do and I'm pretty sure that I can finish up today. It is going to rain Sunday, and it is best if I can get it all done before then.

I received another odd email. Same person, but with an altered name. I did not answer it. At this point I am pretty convinced that a.) it is just someone trying to sell me something, and b.) even if it wasn't someone trying to sell me something I probably wouldn't be interested anyway.

I was looking at the first season DVD of Star Trek Voyager, and as usual I had skipped over the special features part. But this time I went back and had a look at it. There were some scenes filmed with the first actress selected to play the captain. It had been so long I'd almost forgotten about that. I had thought she would have made a good captain, but in these scenes she looked a bit stiff.

My mother called again, and I told her that I was very busy with the garden (which is true) and would not be able to have dinner with her yesterday, and probably not lunch or dinner with her today either.

My husband will come home tonight, and after having tomorrow and the next day off will have to work for the next two weeks straight, maybe more. It is unusual that they are scheduled to work on Sundays, but for some reason this account has had them work a lot of Sundays, and they are probably only getting off tomorrow because it is Easter. Anyway, as much as we need the money, and this particular account has had more good days than bad, I still don't think that he's going to be very happy when he sees the two week schedule.

Yesterday we got a note on the door reminding us to conserve electricity and water, or they will have to raise the rent. I pay no attention to such things. I know that they send these things so that we'll remember to turn the lights out, but I didn't forget to turn them off, I did it on purpose. I don't like the total darkness when I'm by myself. And I also leave the hall light on when I'm away because there isn't another light switch at the other end of the hallway. Odd that. All these little annoying things about the place that I didn't notice until long after I moved in. So you either have to leave the hallway light on all the time, or you have to leave on a light at the other end of the hallway, or you are in a completely dark hallway.

As for conserving water, does not washing the dishes count? Probably not.

Not ready to get up and garden just yet, so it's breakfast and one more episode of Voyager.


Ananda girl said...

I am still impressed at your dedication to your garden. I am such a lazy gardener in comparison.

Sometimes I get weird emails at home. Not at work though. We have some program that allows us to read our mail without opening it. I know, makes no sense. But somehow it lets us read things this way and we can just flush them unopened. I still see the weirdness. I'm not sure what the point is. It must be "safe".

I am also not one for total darkness. When my boys are gone and I am alone I keep things pretty bright. I do have an ugly dog chained by the door. He's not mean or big,only ugly. He barks. That's his job. My alarm.

I have no real plans for this weekend. My boys are too big for egg hunts. I will go to church tomorrow. Otherwise, it's all blah.

Go ahead and count the not doing the dishes. I like that idea.

dmarks said...

Leaving a light on for security is quite reasonable.

I'd heard that the original choice for Janeway was better. Kate Mulgrew as Janeway was far from being one of my favorite Star Trek characters, so I think maybe a different actress would have improved the show.

dmarks said...

Also, I've seen most of the "Voyager" episodes, but only once. Is the show better when you view it a second time? Or the same? Or worse?

laughingattheslut said...

I didn't think that Voyager was terrible to start with, so I guess that they seem about the same. I don't remember some of them.

I remember thinking at the time that the other actress would have been very good for the part, since I had seen her before in Coma and the sort of unofficial Silkwood story. But I guess the way the show turned out it just wouldn't have worked. And she just didn't seem to have any chemistry with anyone else.

As for the garden, I keep thinking that if I do a lot of work in the beginning that I won't have more to do later. The plan rarely works, except maybe for the asparagus, but to be honest I lost several plants the first year and practically had to do the whole thing over the second year.

I will probably write more about the garden tomorrow.

As for reading the emails without opening them, I know it can be done somehow, but I don't do that myself. My husband did it once. My mother sent me something, and lucky for me the computer was being a pain and I couldn't get it open the first time. So I called to ask her if it was anything important, and she told me that she got this suspicious looking email, so she had forwarded it to us so we could look at it and tell her if we thought it was a virus.

Thanks mom.

I feel awful. I got done with most of what I wanted to, but not quite all of it, and of course there is still more to do, like those big mounds of dirt. But I just couldn't take it anymore, so I've had a bath and I'm just watching Voyager and waiting for my husband to get home, which could be in an hour or three. I'm hungry. He always wants to go out, which I don't like to spend money on that too much, but today he'll get no argument from me. I hurt too much to make much of an effort to cook right now. Unless he feels even worse than I do, in which cause we'll end up having soup or something and going to bed early.

Ananda girl said...

Ouch. I hope you take it easy tomorrow. Soup and bed sounds nice, but the people here think I'm trying to abuse them when I do that. I only get to do it when I'm sick... but I'm still the one making the soup.

If I were you, I'd go out tonight. Feel better. :}

dmarks said...

I didn't think Voyager was terrible, and looked forward to watching it. But sometime around season 5 or 6, we sort of lost interest, and missed a lot of episodes. I actually liked the Q episodes of the series, but think they overused the Borg. And for some reason, they made the Borg poison-green. I didn't think much of the aliens they made up for the series, such as the Vidians (the ones who stole body parts) and the Kazon, who looked like man-sized Oompa Loompas.

I also thought it was cool that Janeway was smart enough to keep up with the technobabble of the other characters. The "tracing source of unknown chroniton particle" stuff. The other captains could care less.

A long bath should help you feel better. But you've already done that. Maybe go out for a good sundae too when you go out. Ice cream is comfort food.

I think we start on the garden next week.