Saturday, March 31, 2007

I do not have much experience with drunks

I have very little experience with people drinking at all. I don't put up with much of it. If you have like one drink, and I think that we are going to stay wherever we are long enough that it will wear off before we leave, I probably won't say anything. If you order another drink, I'm probably going to ask if you are driving. That is, I'm going to ask if you are driving if you didn't already volunteer that information after that look I gave you. If you order another one after that, I'm probably done talking to you anyway.

But I rarely have that much of a problem even at the New Year's Eve party or the Halloween party. And those last hours and hours, so possibly even three drinks would wear off.

I'm sorry if you think you need a few drinks to loosen up a bit. I'm sorry that you can't do a bit of the When Harry met Sally restaurant scene sober. Have you tried? I have.

I used to not be so strict. I still didn't drink, but I didn't bother other people much about the alcohol, if they planned ahead of time. I had a friend whose mother would let all the kids come to the house and drink, but if they had more than one drink they had to check with her before they left, and it was just assumed that most of them would be spending the night anyway. I used to think this was a great idea. I still think that this is a better idea than to just start drinking without a plan, but I am now very much in a just say no phase.

So I used to go to this girl's house, but I didn't drink. After a few times, she asked me not to come anymore. My good influence was rubbing off on other people or something, cause they stopped drinking too, and she didn't want to drink by herself.

Anyway, I've only had a few experiences with actual drunk people. Once was a drunk guy that hit my truck. Luckily, no one was in the truck at the time. The guy came in the store and said that he thought he had put a little dent in my door. The little dent was so big that it made it impossible to open the door. The cops came, found an a guy that was clearly driving drunk, which is illegal, and driving without insurance, which is illegal, and couldn't get anymore insurance because everyone knew that he was a drunk. And nothing happened to him. The cops did not arrest him or take his license or anything. He hit a parked vehicle, but since we were in a parking lot on private property, he did not even get a ticket. Weird.

Another time I had to deal with a drunk person was during a college field trip to Galveston Island. Some of the kids were going to camp on the beach, but I wasn't feeling well and needed my sleep. Four of us were supposed to go in together and rent a room for the weekend. The fourth girl had to cancel before we'd even reserved the room. The other two girls I did not know very well, but they seemed nice enough. They hated the field trip and left that first morning. That left me with the bill for a very expensive room all by myself. But I wasn't feeling well, so I kept the room rather than try to sleep on the beach.

At about two in the morning on the second night, I woke up after hearing someone pound on the door. I opened the door to find six of my classmates, a few of them soaking wet, and one of them with a very big smile and wide eyes.

"Can we use your shower?"

Since I have just been woken up at 2am, I am not yet awake enough to manage to say "What the f***?" or anything else that might have been appropriate. I guy that I thought was pretty nice stepped into the room to talk to me while two other girls dragged the smiling one into the shower. She was having a really bad time, over some problem that was none of my business, and she wouldn't talk about it. Her friends decided that enough was enough, and they got her drunk so that she would tell what was going on. After that there was a bit more drinking, and the girl took a walk into the ocean. A couple of them went after her, and now they needed a shower. And I was the only one they knew who still had a room at the motel.

I still had a room at the motel because I was sick and needed my sleep. Take out your wallet and get your own room. But I didn't actually say that, and the guy got me to calm down. We waited for the three girls to come out of the shower. While we were talking. A fourth girl decided that as long as there was a free shower, she might as well have one too. She didn't ask or anything, and everyone had to wait on her. The guy I was talking to was the only one who even apologized, and no one even offered to pay for some of the room or buy me breakfast the next day or anything.

Back to the girl having people over to drink at her mom's house.

All the kids had a beer, but when they heard me say that I didn't drink, that's about all that most of them had. That is, almost all of the kids had a beer. I declined, and so did this guy I liked. I assumed that he declined to impress me.

The guy I liked was not my usual type. He was good looking and sort of looked like Tom Cruise. The thing was that he knew he sort of looked like Tom Cruise. He would even go up to people and ask if they thought he looked like Tom Cruise.

So I should think that it was very obvious to everyone that I was here mainly because I was interested in Tom Cruise guy. This guy said he liked me too, but we were not in relationship. Okay, whatever. But he does kiss good, and I'm hoping for some alone time later.

Going to this girl's house and watching people drink was not actually my plan for the evening, even with Tom Cruise guy. My plan for the evening was trying on shoes, and they were dress shoes, so I was wearing a dress. A Sunday dress, not a go out with my friends who are going to drink kind of dress. Everyone else is in jeans. I just happened to run into Tom Cruise guy and some of the others at the mall and got invited over. So I look way out of place.

Across the room from me is a blond scruffy-looking guy. He just always seems to be looking at me. Well, maybe he is just wondering why the hell am I wearing a Sunday dress. And I'm sitting with Tom Cruise guy, so I don't really think much of it.

A bit later the girl come over and says something not to subtle about needing me in the kitchen.

So she tells me that scruffy guy is into me.

Really? Cause he hasn't said two words to me.

Well, he said that you have sexy feet.

Sexy feet? There are a few people who like the way I look. I have my fans. I have been called sexy. But sexy feet. No. I do not have sexy feet.

He actually said that? Sexy feet?

Yes. What are you going to do?

Do? I'm not going to do anything. And can't he tell that I came here to be with someone else?

You mean you're not interested?

In the scruffy guy? I can't even tell if he's good looking under all that hair. (It was the eighties.) And he hasn't talked to me or anything. I am just supposed to to be really impressed with this guy?

Most of the girls at school are. He's slept with a lot of them.

Have you slept with him?

No. I'm not into him.

Well, I'm not either.

The Tom Cruise guy was not as much fun here as he had been at the mall. He was all glad to see me at the mall, but now he was all quiet. I know we are not in a relationship, but I don't see why he doesn't want to talk or go outside with me or anything. After a while I give up.

Which gives the scruffy guy a chance to talk to me.

Okay, so there were some pretty blue eyes hiding under that hair. He might clean up nice, but I don't think he bothered with that very often. I didn't want to be rude at my friend's house, so I talked to him.

It was just dumb chit-chat that you could have with anyone. He did not have anything impressive to say. He wasn't a trekkie. He didn't read a lot.

I don't remember if he was in a band or anything like that to explain his appearance.

And I didn't see any reason that anyone would be impressed with him, other than the eyes and that the rest of his appearance might really be something after say, a haircut. And knowing that a bunch of other girls had slept with him was a turnoff for me. And the idea that I was just really supposed to be impressed with that was even more of a turnoff. I didn't see that we had anything to talk about, and I'm not really sure why we were talking at all.

I think maybe he'd had a few before I got there.

And I think maybe he'd never seen a girl in a Sunday dress before.

What was really bothering me was that Tom Cruise guy never came to rescue me. I thought he was into me. I thought that he wasn't drinking to impress me. I gave up and went home.

Me and the Tom Cruise guy were kind of on and off for a while. It just wasn't going to work out. It's a whole long story how I ever was interested in him in the first place, which I will not get into right now. But we were both friends with this girl, so I still saw him once in a while, and she would tell me stuff about him.

Tom Cruise guy did not decline the beer to impress me. Apparently he had a problem. My personal belief is that anyone who drinks has a problem, but this guy had a serious problem. If he starts drinking, he doesn't stop.

At another one of these things at my friend's house, Tom Cruise guy had a few drinks. And he had a few more drinks. He didn't have a car anyway, so no one said anything. He had a few more drinks.

At some point during the evening he was seriously after my friend. My friend was in a long term relationship, and everyone knew that she was off limits. She did not give me all of the details, but at the time she was really not happy about it. Her boyfriend came and rescued her. Tom Cruise guy woke up the next day in a neighbor's lawn, missing his shoes, and having no idea how he got there or that he had done anything to my friend. He really remembered very little of the evening.

He did a lot of apologizing and such. After about a month or so, everyone was friends again. He was at the house one day, and he had a drink, and then he had a few more drinks, and then he had a few more drinks.

After that it was about the same as the other time, except that this time he wasn't after my friend. He was seriously after my friend's boyfriend.

Tom Cruise guy woke up in a neighbor's lawn without his shoes. He had no idea how he got there, and he remembered very little about the evening.

We didn't see much of Tom Cruise guy after that.


dmarks said...

Aren't there some poets around here? There's certainly some potention here as "Tom Cruise", "No Shoes", and "Drinks Booze" all do rhyme.

dmarks said...

er "potential". I need to speel check things.

Rachel said...

Sorry.. I never even saw this post. I don't really read blogs on the weekends and missed it.
Wow..Tom Cruise guy had/has a serious problem.
I hope that he recognized the problem and doesn't drink anymore.
I don't enjoy hanging out with a bunch of drunk people as I am a light drinker.
I rarely drink more than 1 or 2 drinks and tend to nurse them for hours.
I got drunk one time and regretted in the next day when I had to go to my Nana's 75th birthday party with a hangover.
And the fact that I puked right in front of some cute guys.
Never got that drunk again.

laughingattheslut said...

I do not know what happened to Tom Cruise guy. I think he was from Pittsburg and he moved back there, but I'm not sure.

I thought that my friend had a problem too. Not at that time, but later. Later she would just announce that she didn't think that she had a drinking problem. Since that didn't have anything to do with the conversation we were having, I thought that was a bit odd. Anyway, I got married and moved, and we lost touch.

I think that she was hit and killed by a drunk driver last year. She has a common name, so I can't be sure, but it was in the news that someone her age with her name was killed near Six Flags.

David in DC said...

It's a sickness, but whenever I hear "drinking problem" I think of Robert Hays as Ted Stryker in the Airplane! movies.