Friday, August 24, 2007

Freaky Friday

The Freaky Friday feature itself now has turned up in a few odd searches. Last week's post was listed third under freaky naked people.

Someone found me by searching for erotic sex blogs. I guess I must have been pretty far down the list.

Someone else was looking for 5 gallon buckets. This time they Googled walmart paint five gallon bucket.

A couple of people were looking for the nutritional value of Rudy's BBQ. People need to grow up and quit listening to Dr. Atkins. You just don't eat BBQ for it's nutritional value.

Someone else was looking for Underwood's BBQ. If my memory of the stuff is accurate, you just shouldn't eat that stuff at all.

The usual people were looking for diet drinks, giant penis costumes, and people going to hell.

Someone found me after Googling "Come out, Neville!" I am looking forward to that. I hope I am Legend is better than The Invasion.

Someone was looking for "My husband once asked" joke. That lead them to the favorite restaurant meme, so that probably wasn't what they were looking for.

Yesterday I was number six for how to attach the Ultimate Sweater Machine to the table. I hope they didn't do quite what I had described in Wednesday's post.

Someone Googled do something nice for my husband. Whatever.

This has been fun. One of you is so embarrassed about reading my blog that you've decided to use something called Anonymouse. I bet it was the hairy nurse.

Okay, here's the count for this week:


Diet Drinks--3

People going to hell--2

Giant Penis--2

And the top 12 keywords are now--going the hell costume giant husband penis for how diet red big


Plump Pigeon said...

who on earth puts 'something nice for my husband' into google?? have these people no imagination at all???

Had a chuckle at ''Come out, Neville!!''. Just my odd sense of humour!

dmarks said...

Let me see:

For the last 14 days, I am still getting the most hits on "Christine Baranski Nude", a few looking for Michigan J. Frog, and this one:

"circus lyre lessons las vegas"

Some go to Vegas to gamble. But some... go to learn how to play the circus lyre.