Friday, August 03, 2007

August 3rd

Okay, this is another day that is supposed to pass without anything dramatic changing in my life. Of course, I also thought that about June 7th, and that didn't go as planned. Hopefully, the idiot lawyer will get it through his head that he made a mistake and rap things up without me going to court this morning.

My husband is pleasant enough to be around as long as I don't actually expect him to do anything that he's agreed to do. If I mention that he's supposed to be doing something or that we're supposed to be in counseling, that just leads to a fight. He either tells me that he's already done something (which I know is a lie), or he promises me that he will do it later (which I'm pretty sure is a lie), or he tells me that he doesn't need to do it (which not only isn't true it isn't his decision to make now since he's already agreed in writing that he would do it.) The rest of the time we go somewhere for lunch before he has to go to work, and we go out of town once in a while, and from the outside it looks like we're just like we always were.

In a few weeks, I should be back in an art class. That is one thing that's been agreed on that he's actually doing (so far). I'm sure I'll feel better then. Until then I'm still working on the floor, but just a few feet at a time. I was starting to regret that little project, but now I'm glad I got started with it. I've found mold or something near the closet. Good-bye mold.

I had more to say earlier, but it's not really related to subject of getting through this day in one piece, so I think the rest can wait til next week. Working on the floor does make me rather tired.


Plump Pigeon said...

fllors and ceiling are the worst to work on - all that crazy bending down and straightening up. Nightmare.

Hope you do get back into your art class soon!

Plump Pigeon said...

fllors? i made up a word there.

dmarks said...

Floors are definitely better than ceilings. If you fall while working on the floor, no big deal at all.