Friday, August 10, 2007

Freaky Friday

Okay, here it is. The first post of the promised new regular feature. Not sure if it will be every week or every other week or what, but here we go.

As I said earlier, I have recently had a tracker added to my blog, and I'm having a bit of fun with it. I haven't figured out all the stuff yet, and I probably won't bother with it. The tracker keeps up with all sorts of information that doesn't matter to me, like whether or not the reader is using Windows. Stuff like that. Who cares?

But it does tell me the country the reader is from. And it tells me what Google searches lead the readers to my blog. And that's the part that I'm having fun with, the Google searches.

I had already mentioned the really interesting Google searches in this post--
And there were a few more interesting one is this post--
So of course the week I plan to write about Google searches, they are not quite as interesting.

I guess that I'm allowed to repeat one I mentioned earlier from last Friday. Someone found me after Googling tied and masturbated. Again, I said that I was not tied up, so the reader probably did not find what he was looking for.

Two people wanting to know who is going to hell found me this week. I am now the top Google search for almost everyone is going to hell. Isn't that nice.

People are still getting some use out of the diet drink review. Someone wanted to know can I drink crystal light in my water and have the same benefits, and another person typed in my husband drinks too much pepsi.

And, of course, I was found again this week with both a search for a giant penis and a giant dick costume.

Someone found me after Googling "power steering pump" "pass inspection" texas. I'm pretty sure that whatever they were looking for was not found in my blog.

Someone actually Googled insidioustruth llama. I can't imagine why.

Someone meant to search for "the invasion" "invasion of the body snatchers" remake. I do have a blog post about that, but so do a lot of other people and you'd never find it from Googling that. Unless you misspell snatchers without the "t", and then I am third on the list.

I few people actually found me by typing in other sci-fi stuff. Someone was looking for Altrusian, and someone else typed in "come out neville." Two people wanted to know about "A Clean Escape" from Saturday night's Masters of Science Fiction, and two other people wanted to know if there was a connection between the upcoming TV series Journeyman and the novel The Time Traveler's Wife. Unfortunately, none of these people left comments.

I was momentarily interested to see that I'm getting a few more flags on the geo-tracker, and that I'd gotten two comments from someone in India. But the comments from India turned out to be spam. Someone in India must have been hired as the human spam-bot, but it was a waste of money in my case since not only do I have no money but I've done nothing to my blog to prevent the use of a regular spam-bot, or whatever they are called.

Speaking of the geo-tracker, this week someone in the Philippines read my blog. And they came specifically looking for me, not diet drinks or giant dicks or anything else. So that was a bit odd. Of course, I do know of a blogger who went there this week, and that person might read a blog or two from there. But I just find it odd that I would be a priority this week. And this person is known to drink alcohol, so I would have thought the first thing this person would do after getting off of the plane would be to find a bar. Or maybe to see about getting laid. No, I take that back. The first priority would be to find a restroom and deal with all the alcohol this person drank on the plane, and then find a bar. Then see about getting laid. Never mind. It's nice to be remembered.

Okay, so count for this week:

Diet drinks--2

Giant penis--2

People going to hell--2

And the top ten keywords this week: costume going the hell giant diet what husband everyone dick

If you have a tracker on your blog, tell us some of your more interesting Google searches. Have a bit of fun. Leave comments.


dmarks said...

I did a post on this in my blog recently, but let's see what I notice since then:

"ask zoltar" is still popular.

Got some hits for "sex". Just that word alone. I am kind of amazed that a search on this word got someone to my site among the half a billion sites coming up for the word "sex" on Google.

Still getting hits for "nude Christine Baranski", and even one for "Crater of Diamonds".

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Synchronicity or what!

Babybull40 said...

Some weird stuff comes up thats for sure.. I haven't a tracker on my blog nor do I want one right now...

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Tracking is hilarious....people get to blogs withthe most inanae searches....

evil-e said...

I choose not to track. Pretty interesting counts you have going there.