Thursday, August 09, 2007

I did not win the lottery last night

Nor did I win the night before. This is becoming a pattern. So, at some point, I should think about getting a job.

Okay, thinking about getting a job is about as far as I get.

But I hope to finish with the floor before art class starts, and I should start looking for a job then. I have already blogged a lot about jobs that I have had and mostly didn't like.

But basically what it amounts to is that between going to school and trying to work around my husband's weird schedules, I have spent a lot of time either unemployed or doing jobs that are mostly done by students and pay very little. Usually, they just aren't worth doing, unless there is a reason other than money.

Like the Halloween store. The first year I made about a thousand dollars, minus taxes and such, and after I spent money on gas and such there didn't seem to be much left. The second year, I started the job sooner, but I took a week off, and I only made about seven hundred. Anyway, I'm trying to find out what schedule I could work, just in case they call. But since my old manager probably won't be working this year, I don't think I'd want to work there either. I have no intention of filling out an application. I'm just trying to think of what to say if they call, which they probably won't.

The only job I had that actually paid enough money to pay the bills was the traveling sales job that I did with my husband. I won't be doing that job again. Being in sales just made me feel evil. And the traveling bit is out of the question now. I only did that cause my husband already had the job, and I really didn't want to do it even then. I wouldn't take a traveling job by myself. And you just can't have a life and a traveling job at the same time. Even when you are home you miss stuff, because people forgot to tell you that while you're in town you should come with us and do this and that. Everyone else already knew about it, because they heard about it at the last thing, but you weren't at the last thing because you were out of town.

The main job that I have wanted is to work at a library. I did work at a library one summer, but that was just as a page and you don't make any money as a page. But I took it cause I was under the impression that it would lead to being a clerk within a few months. Wrong. Anyway, I would like to work at the library at school, and I imply for the job every time there's an opening, just in case. I apply at other libraries too, but I wouldn't like them as much because there is more weekend work. But the other libraries never call anyway because they usually want someone who is bilingual.

I have really had it with the bilingual crap, but that's another story.

So basically I am trying to think of anything else I could get a job doing that would pay the bills. And while I am waiting for one of those jobs to come along, should I get some other kind of job? It is just that getting another job like the ones I've had in the past would probably not be worth it for the money, and then it would prevent me from doing all the little things that make me happy. I'd probably have to give up most of the stuff I do with the club, and it's unlikely that I'd be able to go out of town with my husband. Not that he gets to go anywhere interesting that often, but it's nice to go out of town once in a while. And if he did get to go anywhere interesting it would probably be on short notice, which would make it even harder for me to get time off from whatever I'm doing.

He has asked to go to Kansas City next month if anything comes up. We love Kansas City in the fall. I can't be expected to miss that just so I can ask if you want fries with that.

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