Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Morons--Who Cheat

No, it's not about them.

I usually don't blog about the thing that everyone is talking about on the news, but this is just too much. This idiot is suing the florist after his wife found out that he sent flowers to his girlfriend. He wants to be compensated one million dollars for "breach of contract."

He doesn't seem to get it that it's his own "breach of contract" that is the problem.

Now the man is complaining that everyone is talking about him without knowing him or the situation. Sorry, but that's what people do when you file a frivolous lawsuit and sue for one million dollars. They talk about you, and they don't say anything nice.

He goes on to say that they were already in the process of getting a divorce when his wife received a copy of the bill for the flowers that he sent to the other woman. His wife then asked for more money in addition to some amount that they had already agreed on. If she hadn't found out about the flowers for the other woman, she wouldn't have done that, so he thinks the florist owes him money.

On the other hand, he says that he and his wife were trying to reconcile, and that they had gotten back together before, but now that wouldn't happen.

Sorry, if you were trying to work things out with your wife, sending flowers to the other woman isn't the way to do it.

And I don't think that you can make both arguments in court. Either you are complaining that the divorce you were definitely getting has been delayed because the wife wants extra money, or you are complaining that your attempts to get back together with your wife were ruined. I don't think that you can make both arguments at the same time. If you were getting back together, it doesn't matter how much money she was asking for. If you're upset about the money you have to pay in the divorce that you were definitely going to get, then you weren't really trying to get back together with your wife.

And with either argument, it's still his fault for cheating on his wife in the first place. Yes, we are all out here talking about you. And we're still going to talk about you, even though we don't know you and we don't know all the little details of your situation.

The only way anyone with half a brain is going to feel sorry for this guy is if maybe this guy sent the flowers to the other woman with a note saying that it's over cause he's getting back together with his wife.

Raise your hands if you think that's what happened.

I don't even think that they mentioned he was probably in contempt of court buying the flowers in the first place. Buying stuff for the other woman is not a regular household expense, and it's not a business expense, and it's certainly not a legal expense.

Sorry this was so late. We were out shopping.


Dame Honoria Glossop said...

If the court decides it's frivolous, will he get landed with all the costs?
That would be poetic justice.

dmarks said...
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dmarks said...

"Sorry, if you were trying to work things out with your wife, sending flowers to the other woman isn't the way to do it."

You have heard the stories about dumb criminals. There is even a web site for it:

You know, the ones where a masked guy robs a bank and gives the teller a robbery notice written on the back of a receipt with his name on it.

Stupid cheaters might make a good web site for someone. Or maybe even a good occasional web feature.

(mispelled masked and deleted it. here it is again)

laughingattheslut said...

Hopefully, David will stop by and give us his opinion on the subject. Or maybe he's all talked out on the subject.

Anyway, the idiot should get stuck with the court costs in both cases.

evil-e said...

I think the rule that exists in soccer should apply to this in some manner. The rule goes that a player who takes a "flop" (falls down and acts injured to try and draw a penalty on an opposing player) receives at the very least a yellow card (penalty) for his bad acting.

If you file some bullshit lawsuit and waste a lot of people's time and money, you should suffer the consequences and be penalized in turn.

Cece said...

I really HATE to see people get busted for stupid things THEY did and try to sue! Ugh.

laughingattheslut said...

Well, I am sorry that our friend from DC did not stop by and leave a comment, but he probably just spends too much of his time commenting about dumb lawsuits and doesn't want to talk about it anymore on his off time.

I hope the other woman dumps him too now that she's heard on the news how he was supposedly trying to get back together with his wife. I hope neither one of them takes him back and he can't get a date from anyone else either.

Babybull40 said...

He really was wanting to be caught.. Since when is it a "Breach of Contract" by sending the bill to your house? He didn't make it a point to tell the florist to not send it to his house.. he is an idiot... Too bad the wife has to be so humiliated by this further escapade of a trivial lawsuit by her soon to be ex-husband..

laughingattheslut said...

He says that he did make a point of telling them not to send anything to his house. But his wife got a thank you note or something anyway. If it was a big company, that's probably something that automatically gets sent out to all their customers.

I hope the wife gets the extra money she's asking for. At least she now has proof that he was cheating. And it would be nice if maybe a couple of magazines wanted to pay her for her side of the story.