Thursday, August 16, 2007

I guess I haven't had much to write about

While I am having just tons of fun with the blog tracking thing, I guess I haven't really done much blogging recently. In fact, I've just seen that except for the Monday Morons and the new Freaky Friday feature, I have only written four posts this month. So this will be one of those boring catching up kinds of posts.

After I got back from Shreveport I went to hang out with some Klingons. That was nice, but somehow not the elaborate party I was expecting. Not that I'm up for elaborate parties that often anyway. The Halloween party is just over two months away, and I'm certainly not ready for that. Anyway, one of the Klingons gave me a fish or something, which has died now. That was to be expected, since the things only live for maybe a month or two, three at the most, and it was already three weeks old when I got it.

Halloween is just around the corner, and I haven't got a clue. I think that it is too late for a big elaborate costume. I'm still toying with the run around in my underwear idea. But probably not.

Yesterday I dropped an apothecary jar. And since I'd just ripped up the carpet, that's it for the jar. It was a silly thing, but I had kept all the shells from stuff we ate during one of our trips to Maine. I guess the shells are okay and I can put them in something else. It's just one more annoying thing that happened.

I don't suppose that any of you have friends in Texas who are moth experts?

My husband will be out of town for the next two weeks. The plan is to go with him one week and stay home and get some work done the next week. Neither week is anyplace interesting. One week is the middle of nowhere Texas, and another week is the middle of nowhere Oklahoma. But it would be good to get out of the house and maybe work on a scarf or two.

I had the dates for art class wrong. School doesn't start until the 27th. I still don't know if we have enough students signed up. But I can't transfer to ceramics now, because all of the seats are taken. And nothing else that is open interests me. I might have to go to a different school or forget about the idea for this semester.

I am still working on the damned floor. I have given up trying to make it look pretty. That can be a project for another time. While I am resting from the hard work of ripping up carpet and smashing tiles and such, I am watching some DVDs my brother loaned me. Last week I watched Buck Rogers, and this week I'm watching V. V the series, not V the first mini-series or the sequel, but what they tried to make into a weekly show. I forgot how bad some of it was. They kept using the word lizard, and it just didn't work. Willie seems to have forgotten most of the English that he learned from his two years on Earth, and all the aliens decided to try out having sex in the human costumes. Not that I doubt that would happen, since I'm sure there are plenty of humans that have tried having sex in alien costumes, but I just don't think that would become the norm. And the eighties hair, with the glitter in the hairspray.

I still love Willie, even if I didn't like what they did with the character.

And I'd forgotten about Howard K. Smith. I'd forgotten that most of the shows started with the news from the Freedom Network and that Howard K. Smith would tell us how the war was going. When the show was on TV, I'd forget, and I'd see Mr. Smith reading the news and I'd wonder who was attacking Yuma or the Alamo or whatever. Mr. Smith caused me a few moments of panic during the eighties, since that was probably the most realistic part of the show.

I've now heard a rumor that Kenneth Johnson will be making another V story. And, since he didn't like the series and most of the second mini series, he's going to pretend that they never happened. The story is going to be the same war, twenty years later. I hope the rumor is true. I look forward to seeing it.

I watched the second episode of Masters of Science Fiction. I still liked it, but somehow I didn't like it as much as the first episode. I guess I've seen Vorlons before. I even had drinks with one, but I've already written about that. Don't forget that the third episode is Saturday night.

I guess that I should get back to work now.

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You certainly have been busy :-)