Thursday, August 23, 2007

School starts Monday

Well, I guess that I can quit worrying about art class getting canceled due to lack of interest. I checked this morning, and there are only 2 seats left. So unless a bunch of people drop the class tomorrow, we're finally going to have a sculpture class.

I finished a Doctor Who scarf yesterday, except for the fringe. I should buy some more green before doing that. The scarf looks a bit longer than I remembered. I should go to Walmart and buy a tape to measure it.

There's a Hufflepuff scarf on the knitting machine at the moment. I don't think anyone particularly wants a Hufflepuff scarf, but I've got the time and I've got tons of leftover yellow yarn. And I could be wrong. I accidentally made an extra Hufflepuff last year and someone wanted it.

It will be good to go home tomorrow. This place is really boring. I didn't even go for a swim. The swimming pool is tiny, and no one else is using it. And it's just out in the parking lot, with both a view of the interstate and the gas station across the street. I think I'll pass.

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