Friday, November 17, 2006

Murphy's Law and other annoying things

"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' but 'That's funny...'" ---Isaac Asimov

I found that and a lot of other funny stuff on a site about Murphy's Law. There were things that were funnier, and there were things that relate more to me and my life and my current situation, but I don't know who most of those other people are so I decided not to quote them right now.

I was looking at the Murphy's Law site because I was thinking about tomorrow.

I am committed to going to a club meeting and eating at a restaurant that has the words "pizza and spaghetti palace" written after the restaurant's name. I will be wearing my purple dress, and perhaps my Harry Potter scarf and a few other things that I really try to take care of. There will be a lot of kids (who were obviously raised by wolves) running around the restaurant. And the club pictures will be taken after the meeting, not before.

So I can guess what is probably going to happen.

Also, I suspect that my friend will somehow miss being in the picture for the third or fourth year in a row because a) she'll be in the ladies room changing into something that would look better for the picture, b) she'll keep talking to someone at the end of the meeting when the rest of us are leaving to go to the picture location, c) she'll get the directions wrong or miss the turn and end up at the place just after we finish taking the picture, d) all of the above, or e) she'll get ticked off after someone says something about her missing the other pictures and she'll miss this one on purpose.

The green envelope that my husband and I wait for every Friday to see where he is scheduled to work came today. It was empty.

Good news--this morning I remembered that we have five giant chocolate bars left over from that Harry Potter thing last year.

Bad news--I have already eaten half of one.

I had gone to three grocery stores earlier this week, and today I went to two more, hoping to find some kale. Everyone has collards and mustard greens, but no kale. The only store really likely to have it at this point is an hour drive away in the wrong direction of where I am going tomorrow.

When I was leaving one of the grocery stores I saw several Quaker parakeets flying around the parking lot. I like the birds, and there are getting closer and closer to my home. Of course, when they get there, they will destroy a power line or something. I won't have power until someone can come out and fix it, so everything in the freezer will melt and everything else in the refrigerator will go bad. And this will probably happen sometime when we are out of town for the week and don't know about it, so we'll have an unpleasant surprise or two when we get back.

As usual I planned to do all sorts of useful things today, but most of it did not get done. The most actual work I did today involved taking forgotten vegetable matter from the refrigerator and taking it to a container in the backyard. I keep saying that I'm going to start this compost thing, but I haven't really done anything about it. What I did today probably wasn't especially helpful in that direction either, since the vegetable matter should be cut into small pieces to make good compost. Of course, this particular vegetable matter was starting to look unpleasant, so that I did not really want to touch it much less come into contact with it enough to cut it into small pieces, or else I would not have been taking it to the outside container in the first place.

I should condense all of the above paragraph into something that could be written on the Murphy's Law website.

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