Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Murphy's Law I forgot about

When organized to take a group photo, you will have to stand next to the person you wish were not in the photo at all.

So we're all outside trying to stand in three straight rows to take this picture. And I'm standing on the far right of the back row, and I'm told that those of us on the right side are too much in the shadows. So I think that everyone will take a couple of steps to the left, but they don't. The front row is all properly arranged, and the guy in front of me gets moved all the way over to the far left, so I give up and go over to the left side too.

Now the preferred clothing for this picture is an actual Starfleet uniform (though some people also wore costumes from other shows). If you don't have a Starfleet uniform (or it doesn't fit anymore, or it needs repair), nicer clothing or the club t-shirt is preferred. I have a lot of costumes, but my uniforms are not in great shape. I thought about wearing different things, but I thought most were either not appropriate for the photo, or were just too much of a hassle wear just for this group arrangement. So this year I decided to wear a full length dress, which I had worn to a Halloween party with fairy wings, only now minus the wings.

And I am standing next to a woman who can't even be bothered to wear pants.

Really, half the people are in nice uniforms, a few of us are in dress clothes, a couple of people are in club t-shirts, and three other people just aren't wearing anything special at all, probably cause most of their nice things don't fit at the moment. And then this woman is wearing denim shorts and a non-club t-shirt that isn't even clean.

Surely she at least has a clean shirt and some full length pants.

Oh, and my friend who accidentally missed being in the picture the last few years decided not to show up at all.

But, there was no spaghetti sauce spilled on my dress, my hair looked good enough for a group shot, my new glasses look great, and my Harry Potter stuff stayed safely in the car.


Anonymous said...

The chick who didn't have pants could have gone for an Enik costume. I never saw him wear any in any of the episodes.

laughingattheslut said...

Now that might have improved the picture a little bit. Not that she would have been able to fit into my Enik costume. This woman somewhat resembles Hurley from LOST, only not as cute.

Anonymous said...

Can you get her to say classic Hurley lines such as "Dude, you got some Arnst on you"?

laughingattheslut said...

Most of the time, we can't even get her to say that she'll take a shower in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Oh.... Jabba. I see now.